Wednesday, November 21, 2012

On The Death Of Children

Life is our sweetest gift. It should never be wasted on war.

Dana Bate


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Bombs drop, rockets are shot off and children die on both sides

The activity of war is not subhuman, it's subbeast. Animals only kill to eat or to protect their children. We blow them up. Will some psychiatrist diagnose and cure this schizophrenic civilization we live in. We humans are capable of great artistic wonders, sublime reasoning and miraculous scientific achievements. Why are we also capable of attacking each other, torturing each other and destroying each other on a grand scale? What has created in us this evil inanity and how can we possible justify it?

I look at the photographs and I see no difference between the destruction of Gaza by the Israeli bambs and the destruction of New Jersey by Hurricane Sandy. The difference is only that one is pitilessly man made.

It's useless to talk about "The Free World." It's a small world and there is no world leader who doesn't know what's going on. One can talk about the history of Israel and Palestine all one wants to. That's just ignoring the question. If it wasn't going on there it would be going on somewhere else. Where are the leaders who can stand up outside of politics and declare that revenge is not an option and back it up with power?

The heinous activity of getting even, teaching a lesson or gaining so-called closure, whether it's across a table, in a class room, on a highway, on a football field or across an intrnational border must be finally and ultimately put down.

It is possible and inevitable for us to evolve to a higher level of humanity. Those who deplore evolution must believe that God created us to be also savages.

We don't need a war on terrorism, terrorism is just a symptom. We must have a War on Vengeance or, considering the weapons of today and tomorrow, how will we survive? When will there be no more children left to kill?

Dana Bate

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Beth said...

I think it's a significant factor here that the underlying conflict is because of religion.