Thursday, June 27, 2013


June 27, 2013

Vagabond Journey

No. 2,007


The quality of mercy is not strain'd,

It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven

Upon the place beneath:



Hello Linda


I sat out on the porch this evening in the gentle rain. High in the sky the lightening was flashing. Unconcerned with them thunder rumbled distantly. The rain felt good on my shoulders and head. There were no voices out there. People were inside, at home, with each other, safely away from the gentle storm.

But what does a loner do in such a storm? Is it really safe to go inside to be by myself. Wouldn't it be better to stay outside safely away from myself, to let the rain cleanse me and protect me from the eternally unfinished business of my life?

I sat in the rain thinking about how deeply we must dig to really know ourselves, uncovering ancient artifacts of tests not passed, ignorant mistakes, forsaken loves, forlorn losses. Why do we keep on living when fumbling through such ruins?

The birds and bugs don't mind the cleansing rain. They have no regrets. The people in their homes with rights and wrongs can change the subject if necessary. But what does the loner do?

Two of the most important words we will ever speak are "forgive me." I will forgive myself. I will try. Tonight I was cleansed by the gentle rain of mercy. I am the place beneath. I will have mercy on myself. I will try again.


Dana Bate

Vagabond Journeys

Never Give Up



Geo. said...

Forgiveness repairs the future, which is where all possibilities are assembled, I guess because there's more room for them. A good lesson for me, for everybody. Thanks, DB.

Jon said...

A beautiful post and - as a loner - I can fully relate to it.
Life is indeed an endless fumble through the ruins - - but we can always be greatful for the cleansing rains that give us hope and mercy.

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