Sunday, March 13, 2011

Don't Throw In The Towel

Thank you all for your many birthday wishes on my journal, on face book, over the phone, from email and snail mail. I'm very pleased.

Don't throw in the towel
Winter Question
What happened to Jasper Fingerhut
Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age.

Jeanne Moreau
When a high school student asked what life was like in the theatre I went through a long list of things and I ended by saying "The one thing it absolutely never is is boring." If you're an actor you may be exhausted, frustrated, and angry, but you will never be bored.

I eschew boredom with vigor. It is the obverse side of claustrophobia for me. I admire people who can do the same job for their whole working lives. I could never do it.

But I have known actors who burned themselves out after only a handful of years because they got caught up on a roller coaster ride of fame and popularity and didn't love what they were doing. Eventually the roller coaster ride ended, sometimes disastrously.

Falling in love with someone can be a twisty, turning, ascending and plummeting thing also, but it can straighten out into a ride of gentle passion. Even if another person is not involved I believe it is vitally important for people to find something they love to do and do it, especially when they get older. I have heard people say, Some day when I'm older and have more time to myself I hope to do so and so. My answer is, Why wait?

If you find a passion for something and do it, even part time, it generates all sorts of positive qualities in your life and one of the most important is enthusiasm. I've known guys with many different hobbies they were crazy about: golf, fishing, barbershop quartet singing, scuba diving, disco dancing, fencing, learning to play a musical instrument, traveling, going back to school. The list is endless but everything on it is something that has brought love of doing and being into someone's life and thus prevented age from creeping into the ring and throwing in the towel.

I believe it is the love and enthusiasm for doing the things, associating with the people and being consciously present with what we enjoy that are the seeds of a continuing and interesting life.

DB - The Vagabond

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What was the most significant event that happened in 2010?

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What happened to old Jasper Fingerhut?

A murder mystery in 7 sections.

Section 1

The police came soon after Brett Salazar called them. He had called to report seeing a man floating face down in a quiet part of the Borden River. A police wagon soon arrived and they fished the man out of the water He was dead.

The man was old, barefoot, wearing large brown corduroy trousers and a tattered and torn blue shirt. There was nothing in his pockets. He had a large metal cross around his neck and on his left middle finger a ring in the shape of a skull with a small green stone in the left eye socket, the other socket was empty. No one recognized him.

Doctor Skinner, the Bordentown Medial Examiner, received the corpse to begin his examination. He was to determine time and cause of death and any other important information he could find about the mysterious dead man.

While this was happening Boris Klipton, Professor of Art History at Bordentown State Teachers College, was way upstream. Sitting by the river, he was working on his latest book. It was an account of recent unsolved art thefts.

During his interview with Detective Rice Turner, Brett Salazar, testified of hearing four gunshots in the distance long before he saw the body. When Detective Turner asked him what he was doing at the river, Brett answered that he was planning to fish but had forgotten his fishing gear and was about to go home when he spotted the dead man floating in the water.

Section 2

At around 3 p. m. Professor Klipton gathered up his papers, put them in his briefcase and got back in his car. He noticed some lint and bits of cloth on the seat, brushed them off on to the floor, put down his briefcase and drove to Sam's Place.

Sam Newitt opened his general store and gas station about 25 years ago. It was on the outskirts of town, away from all the bustle, which is the way he liked it. He would get business from folks leaving Bordentown on their way home and others who were passing through. He did a good business.

Sam was a good man, but he had one nasty habit. He liked to go down to the river with his rifle and shoot birds.

When Professor Klipton arrived he found Hank, Sam's part time help. When asked, Hank didn't know where Sam was but thought he was probably out shooting. Klipton filled up the gas tank, bought a few items for his dinner and drove home.

The dead man came to Doctor Skinner's office in a body bag. He and Ivan, his assistant, opened the bag and as they did Skinner immediately put a large towel over the dead man's face and upper body. Then he dismissed Ivan for the day and went to work.
Section 3 tomorrow



Valerie said...

I am intrigued =)

pacifica62 said...

A very good read today db. Years back when I was looking for a new job, someone once told me the same thing: "find something you love to do and then find a place that you can do it". I did and so far been there for over 13 years. Just makes so much sense. Always makes me nervous to hear people postponing their lives for some eventuallity: when I have more money, when the kids are grown, when this happens, when that happens some time in the future. Most times those things never get done and life passes us by. Your last paragraph is right on especially the part about being "consciously present". Very good advice.

Rose~* said...

Happy belated Birthday Wishes! It's been hectic over here lately and I haven't been on-line much. Hope your day was filled with joy.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I have worked for utilities, in various capacities, and most recently the same company for 12 years. It is possible to have multiple careers in a single company or profession.