Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inside The Bubble

Mind is everything. Mind pulls the universe out of a top hat, bows to its own applause, and walks off the stage grinning.

Stephen Mitchell
Hello Arica, Chile
One of my comments I'm fond of is that a person could be happy being an observer of his own life if he could find a safe place to stand. How grand and entertaining it would be if we could be spectators at the game of life. Every now and then, however, the ball comes into our territory and we have to do something about it.

Yesterday in this journal I noted that we are all part of the universe. All the activities of the universe are going on all the time and some of them include you and me. One of the most important activities we humans do is to attempt to understand the universe, from the scientist in the lab peering into the mysterious molecules of cells and crystals to the mighty Hubble telescope capturing images from an unimaginable distance away.

Attempting to define and describe the universe while living in it is a problem, like living inside a giant bubble and trying to see it from the outside. It does not mean that all efforts to understand the universe are futile. But the deeper we look and the farther we go there comes a point where a shift is made from merely material measurements into the atmosphere of imagination, intellect and ideas.

We are in the universe. We are not separate from it. We are attempting to understand the universe. Therefore the universe is attempting to understand itself. It could not do that if it did not have intelligence. Mind.

Dana Bate
The Vagabond
Never Give Up

(This is not a contest)

NASA has planned to send a two man mission on an 18 month trip to the planet Mars. It would take 6 months for the astronauts to get there and after 6 months of exploration another 6 months to return.

Should they do it and why, and if not, why not?

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