Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Fitting

If a thing is old it is a sign that it was fit to live.

Eddie Rickenbacker
A thing doesn't have to be old just because it looks old. Think of an old book, like my Shakespeare (which I never seem to stop talking about) that still gets opened and read even though the cover may be falling apart and the pages getting brittle. I was poking around in mine just yesterday.

Think about an old house that has seen decades of life move in and out of it and still provides shelter and comfort to those inside.

Think of an old song that still brings warmth to your heart and a lively smile to you face.

Think of a pair of old shoes. You probably won't wear them to the dinner party, the dance or to church but when you come home and wiggle your toes into them it's a great feeling, like being with an old friend.

And speaking of old friends, do they seem old and fit for nothing? Not likely. It's the long standing friendships that offer us some of the best things of life.

Now it's true that people die off, the old book gets forgotten about or tossed out, someone discards the old shoes and the houses are torn down to make room for the new. What a shame.

But at 72 when i look at myself in the mirror I think, Well DB you must be fit for something. You're still alive.

Never give up.
DB - The Vagabond

It's a long, hot, sticky summer, so here's a hot, sticky question for you. Don't let the recent New York State decision rob you of your thunder.

Same sex marriage. Should it be legal or not? If so, why? If not, why not?


7 answers so far.

You have until the last day of summer, but don't dally.
I eagerly await your answer.



Arlene (AJ) said...

I can't imagine not having my friends in my life, they are truly all family in my heart - we may not talk or visit with each other as much as we did in the past but, when we do get together, it's like it was just yesterday that we last were. Life goes by too quickly so we might as well make the most of each day.

Take care your way.

Inday said...

Yes, the mirror is there for us to look at ourself and reflect, how far away have we gone in life? Old maybe as we are now, but looking back knowing that others are gone before their time and we are still here, we truly can say, "we are old and still fit".

Beth said...

New experiences are exciting; the well-loved and familiar is a comfort.