Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wing Flapping

If I had to live my life again I'd make the same mistakes only sooner.

Tallulah Bankhead
Yesterday afternoon I heard a rattling sound coming from the other room. I went in and found one of the finches on the window sill trying to get out. It had come in through the open door to look around and then taken the wrong way out. It could see the outdoors but couldn't get to it through the closed window. I finally managed to pick it up, felt it's little heart pounding with a panic, carried it to the open door which wasn't far away and let it go. Of course it took off like a bullet.

Wouldn't it be great if there was some benevolent giant who would pick us up and put us down in the right place when we stray from the path and get lost?

Sure, we learn from our mistakes. So it's not a bad idea to get them all over and done with as early in life as we can. But there is no point in believing that since you are older and wiser there are no more mistakes to be made and from now on you can live a flawless life free of erroneous behavior.

There are always mistakes to be made, and the influences to make those mistakes sit, wait and watch like gargoyles on the edges of our minds. Looking for the opportunity, when we have an important choice to make, they fly down and flutter about until we are confused and end up making the wrong move.

The easiest thing to do in life is to make a mistake. There is only one right answer, there are a hundred wrong ones. When all the figures are added up correctly there is only one right balance on the books. There is only one bulls eye on the target.

So what's the solution to the problem? I don't think there is one, except being careful, reasoning things through and getting good advice, if possible. If I knew how to avoid mistakes I would be one of those perfect, errorless humans I can only fantasize myself being. In truth I am flapping my wings against my own wrong choices, like everybody else.

DB - The Vagabond
Summer Is A Comin' In
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NASA has planned to send a two man mission on an 18 month trip to the planet Mars. It would take 6 months for the astronauts to get there and after 6 months of exploration another 6 months to return.

Should they do it and why, and if not, why not?

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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

How cool that you were able to rescue the little fella :o)

Arlene (AJ) said...

Way to go DB, know the little finch was so happy to be free again thanks to your caring about him.

All of us make mistakes, we would love to have make a different decision on something that required our attention, but that's life, we did the best with what we could to do at that time. If nothing else, we hopefully learned from it and if something else comes up down the line that we need to take care of we'll stop and think about our choices and decisions we have to make regarding this situation.