Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Atrophic Anger 6/23/09

Where there is great hatred are the fetters of hell.

Join me for a bit.
This morning I made a vow to myself that for the next 24 hours I was not going to yell obscenities at my computer, no matter what it did to me.

I'm convinced one can discipline oneself out of rage and hatred just as out of any other bad habit.

I don't understand hatred. It must come out of reaction, not action. People don't do right. So what? Right is a subjective concept any way. People may deserve our criticism, disapproval, disappointment, frustration and disagreement. But hatred is a malignancy which says more about the hater than the hated.

People hated Clinton. Then people hated Bush. Now people hate Obama. I am fed up with listening to it on the radio and TV. I'm disgusted with seeing an adult, intelligent, well educated face screw itself up into a knot of fury over what some other adult, intelligent, well educated face is saying or doing.

Anyone who has experienced love to any degree will agree that love is good. It may have its degrees, but why make exceptions?

I don't like snakes. I fear them, but I don't hate them. They have a right to their existence and to be what they are. I give them space. I will kill the squirmy thing if it threatens me or anyone else around. But not out of hatred. The rattler was not sent by God to punish me for my sins. Nature made it.

There are people in this world whose behavior is so opprobrious it disgusts me, but I would not stand by and let them be attacked by the nasty serpent thinking it serves them right.

The only thing I can truly say I hate is excessive noise. But I don't hate the people who make it. Hatred is weakness, self-indulgence and destructive to the hater's moral and mental strength. Take it from me.

Hatred has no place in the human race.

A happy summer's day to you.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

There are few things I can say unequivically that I hate, but those few, are definite :o)

Jon said...

I didn't know what HATE was until I moved to Texas!(am I joking? Well, maybe......). The world would indeed be a better place if we could eliminate hate from our vocabulary and from our hearts.

Rose~* said...

I'm with you about the noise thing. I, too wish that we could eliminate hatred in this world, but evil thoughts and deeds will always exist for many. A pity that so much effort is wasted on that.

Cathy said...

Well-put. I agree there are no absolutes in the "kingdom of right and wrong" as I call it. Just our emotions and instincts, completely subjective and personalized. It's natural to feel "offput" by someone who hurts people or wastes life, seems we're the only animal that reacts to this behavior. Other smaller-brained animals show curiosity, then either ignore/desert them, but eventually life will "out" and the herd moves on. No hate, no judgment, no vengeance, just nature - seems a bit cold and logical, but if humans didn't possess the ability to create distance at times, we'd be trying to help every lost soul on earth, and many prefer to stay lost. Another re-readable post, thanks.

Beth said...

I can think of only one person that I can say that I hate, and that comes from their terrible and willful behavior. Even then, it is tempered with a big dose of humor, and I probably laugh at them more than I hate them. Hugs, Beth

Char said...

Well, I don't think you can heart everything/body. And, I'm sorry I do hate snakes.

Dannelle said...

Hate is a strong brew should be be chased with a little self-loathing and guilt- not on my diet!

a corgi said...

I'm with you on this, DB. I don't hate a lot of things, in fact I'm trying to think what I actually do say I hate. I may dislike something and strongly dislike it, but I don't try to misuse the word hate (conversely, I don't use the word love a lot either, I think that is overused - I love pizza - I love my husband -- hmmm same emotion??) anyway, something to think about to always choose our words and emotions correctly :)