Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Breakthrough Behavior 6/24/09

The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

Walter Bagtehot
Dear "Eva Cartwright" readers, the story is continuing on Vagabond Tales. See you there. D


One sure way to get my dander up, whatever dander is, is to underestimate me. If someone tried to tell me that I was not old enough, not tall enough, not strong enough or not smart enough to do something, I generally set off to prove them wrong. And the result, most of the time, was a non comment from the people who down graded me. At best it was "Huh. I'm surprised." or "I guess I was wrong." I even got the gruesome "Well, I can see it wasn't that difficult."

Having grown up with out much self-confidence, sometimes I was the nay sayer myself. Looking at a task that was very difficult I would question my own ability to carry it out. Under those circumstances I learned not only how strong I was but how to turn the task into an adventure. So what if I failed, and I rarely did, I wanted to see how far I could go in achieving success. Someone said you don't know what your limits are until you try to exceed them.

I was given a role once by a director who said that I was too young for the part and probably couldn't play it but that I was the only actor around so I had to do it. I did it so well that a famous Broadway actress who was in the audience came backstage to meet me.

Every time we accomplish something they tell us we can't do, we get stronger. When I first went into a radio studio the manager was certain I would fail. I didn't even know how to turn the microphone on. I didn't know anything about broadcasting. There was the nasty devil in my ear saying "Give it up DB, You can't do this. Tell them to get someone else." But I tamed the beast and by the end of the first hour I was playing songs and chatting away like an old pro. Oh, all right, like a young, green, wet-behind-the-ears pro, with a cow lick. But by the end of the first season I had a fan club (a small one).

About these accomplishment I'm not bragging. What I'm telling you is, if they say you can't do it, do it.



Have a glass of summer for me.



SILVER said...

cheers, cheers of applause!!!

The world can be so mean, cold and cruel. They are out there to break out spirits, make us give up. But i'm glad you showed them ;)

Big Mark 243 said...

I definitely will be having a cool, cool glass today!!

Me, I downplay myself ONLY with myself. Walking around, I can look at someone and say quite directly, "I don't care what YOU can't do, but I am going to go and try to get it done!!"

Those Right Guard commercials ... "Never Let Them See You Sweat" ... meant the same thing about doubts. I still can't believe when I would get a test back with an 85% on it ... for some it was a good grade, but for me, it filled me with surprise.

I would be like, "I had an answer wrong?!?" Because I vainly believed that I only put down correct answers!!

Yup ... other than that, I kept it to myself ... but I can say that my Mom made sure that I thought highly of the cat in the mirror.

Dannelle said...

always adhere to this philosophy- it keeps us going- Dannelle

Arlene (AJ) said...

A good read DB. I'm one of those who always sees the cup half full never half empty and find that it makes me believe that I can accomplish or do anything I set my mind to. Hey, if I screw it up or it doesn't go quite the way I was expecting, at least I can say that I tried versus giving up before I even started. Have a good day your way.

Judith Ellis said...

Bravissmo, DB! We are often not the most confident about an array of things and we are often fearful. What I always like to say is that self-confidence is not the absence of fear; it is moving forward in spite of it. Continued success, my friend.

Beth said...

I'm fortunate in that my folks always encouraged me to do whatever I wanted. Not every kid is so lucky, that's for sure. Hugs, Beth

Heli gunner Tom said...

I enjoyed you comment very much, and I believe we are kindred spirits in this mind set of proving a point. I was told at home that I would never do this or that-- and I proved my Dad wrong every time by succeeding in the task!
And now in my retirement I consider a close relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ the ONLY thing that matters.

Tom Schuckman
Vietnam Veteran: 68-70