Saturday, December 12, 2009

Moral Manifesto

The most important thing is to develop a vision of your own.

Jerry Harrison

Let me never mar the beauty of creation with the ugliness of destruction.

Let me never hold or cherish in my mind images of fear, hate, anger, cruelty, pain, poverty, suffering, injustice and revenge.

Let me never use my gifts of intelligence, talent and creative imagination for any harmful or ignorant purpose so that I may avoid the punishment of regret.

Let me never forget the source of the goodness in my life and the processes which have brought about the blessings I enjoy.

Let me never lose respect for or attention to the great geniuses of the past who nurture me, lead me and influence me in all positive ways and enable me to be the person I am.

Let me never be responsible for the discouragement, abatement or destruction of any worthy thing that exists.

Let me never take another man's ideas and accomplishments and claim them as my own.

Let me never misrepresent the knowledge, wisdom and truth of all things as I understand them.

Let me never show disrespect or lack of compassion for my fellow creatures to the extent they are deserving of it.

Let me never desire to own another man's life or any of its accompaniments.



Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I like the statement regarding the punishment of regret. It is much better to learn from our past than to regret our past.

Joyce said...

It's often difficult to remember the good things and easy to remember the bad or embarrassing things in my past...thus regret. I loved every comment in this entry. BTW, you are welcome to join us on Christmas Eve and have some of that spinach dip...
Hugs, JOyce

Maire said...

DB, would you consider letting me repost this in my own blog? Thank you, hugs Maire