Sunday, December 13, 2009

Search for the invisible



This morning's mull is about importance. Theories and practices go in and out of favor and acceptance back in again like the seasons and the tides. And all the while the universe continues to evolve. There is continuous flux. Physics tells me that all things are in motion. If they weren't I couldn't see them. How can a thinker grasp and understand the invisible things which never change? Mountains of words are written by people trying to describe the ever changing reality as they understand it and from their own particular vision of it. Furthermore, I am told that the mere fact of observing something changes it. How then could it be possible to observe the unchanging, invisible things?

I want to write words about important things, invisible things.



Gerry said...

I do think blogging is about reciprocation. Although you got 0 comments for a couple of entries, I did not see you over to my blog making me feel wanted! If I commment on someone's blog I expect them to find my blog, too, or they will lose their faithful follower!! I don't think that's being unkind. I don't understand your reasoning. If you have read and commented on other people's blogs and they have not come back and read yours and commmented then that is something to complain about. You will sometimes comment on my comment but you will not read my blog for anything. Why don't you send me an e-mail and tell me what you find lacking in it. To be ignored is worse than to be criticized. If someone treats me nice by paying me some attention I might write to them all night. I am not cruel, but you have put me in a bind here, so I might seem cruel. Sorry.

salemslot9 said...
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Char said...

I'm just stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas. Be well and stay warm.

Take care.

Joyce said...

Hey DB. I love you whether you stop by my blog or not. I know that it is impossible to comment on everyone's blog that visits yours EVERY TIME. I'm bad about lurking because it I want to read as many as I can and if I stop to comment on each one, I couldn't do that. Are we blogging for ourselves or for everyone else? Hmmmm?
Hugs, Joyce

Joann said...

Merry Christmas Season... still so good to see you back, even if I don't stop by as often as I should, I do as often as I can... = )