Thursday, January 21, 2010

Letting Things Get Done

When you're young you rush to get it done.
When you're old you dwell on the doing of it.

DB - The Vagabond
Oh, woe is me, I have too much to do. When will I ever get it done?

The fact is a lot of what I have to do is stuff I've decided to do. That's a trick we play on ourselves. We make plans and then suffer under the burden of carrying them out. Then we complain about how much we have to do and how difficult our lives are. Growing older and thus slowing down gives one a perspective about the burdens of life.

I am sometimes amazed at what I do get accomplished during the day. It's a sunny day here and this afternoon I have to go to the market. If I don't I'll run out of coffee and other things. (No, no, that won't do.) Coming back from the market with a bag of groceries is a hard and painful thing. I have to stop and rest a few times, even though there is no place for a geezer to sit. This town evidently feels that if we sit down, we'll get comfortable and stay until the cobwebs form.. When I finally reach the house I sit an the front porch for a moment and say "I did it." I don't have to rush. The milk is not going to spoil on the way.

Another important perspective one will gain by slowing down and considering one's path is that if the opportunity is in place along with the resource to do it, the task is already done and one can enjoy the unfolding of it. The obstacles and interruptions along the way are not going to prevent the job from being done if the desire is there The milk is not going to spoil.

Oh, woe is me, I have stories to write, blogs to check on, a journal to keep, pictures to paint, books and magazines to read. Since when should pleasures become burdens? Yesterday I did two loads of laundry. The books didn't disappear. The milk didn't spoil.

Youngsters will rush off in a blinding snow storm or in the sizzling oppressive heat of summer to get the latest CD or DVD because they gotta have it. Now! The oldsters will drop in the next time they pass the record store and see if they have it and they'll do a bit of browsing while they're there. No spoiled milk yet.

You rush through school to get your diploma and how much of your education do you remember? Only what grabbed your attention. Then there are deadlines. If you don't get things done on time, even though you hurried, the boss will be upset. Who runs your life, you or your boss? It's your milk and it won't spoil.-

The best and only legitimate kind of discipline is self-discipline. The market here closes at 8, so I have to get there soon, but first I have to make a list. Oh, woe is me, I have to make a list. Why do I make a list? So I won't forget anything? Maybe. But also because, like most people, I enjoy making lists. It takes time to make a list, time away from getting to the market. I'm not worried. The market's milk won't spoil.

I make a journal entry every day. Oh, woe is me, I have to write another one. What will I write about?

The funny thing is I just wrote it. and on the way I stopped to have lunch and later to take a nap. Fresh milk here.


(This is not a contest.)

Given the resources and opportunity, what one thing do you want to do in 2010 that you've never done before.

You have all Winter to answer. Answers will be posted on the first day of Spring.
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DB - The Vagabond


pacifica62 said...

What a wonderful post. Love the humour in this and all the thoughts behind it. I will go as far as to say, who cares if the milk spoils. use it to make muffins, a cake or a loaf. Tomorrow the market will be open again. Maybe you will find yourself over that way so start the list and put milk at the top.

salemslot9 said...

if my John
has to remember
more than 3 items
he makes a list

don't forget to
sniff your milk

Gerry said...

I was just thinking I feel especially pressed because healing from cataract surgery takes energy, too, so I fret because I simply do not have the energy to get to a writing project I promised my niece for the Heritage Foundation. She talked today on the family site about the publishing of the book she is planning with these pieces. I didn't know she was planning a book! So I spend the evening writing mine in my mind if I cannot get it on paper, wondering when I will be able to meet her deadline. Well, guess she will delay her publishing if we writers don't submit. And on and on, the thoughts tumble in my mind, until I am driven to get up and now here I am talking about what I need to do if I can't get to it, due to my eye not even having had a chance to heal yet! Oh, I am writing my piece about my Grandmother King who was one of the busiest women on earth. I think what would she say, I know, slow down, you have all the time in the world, I have learned that since I came here. Grandma was one of those relatives whose love for her family was so all encompassing that she crossed over from the other side after she was gone to comfort me when I was very weak and sick in a long detailed dream. I was so grateful. I realized that Grandma was still watching over her family, coming in times of trouble as she always had, so I think, relax, we have eternity to get it all done.

Valerie said...

Hi DB =). I have a cart I bought for $20. Boy does it really help when I have to carry more than a bag or two from the grocery store. You may want to consider purchasing one. I see people using them all over the place now. I notice I really enjoy the walk when I use the cart, rather than concentrating on the pain and the fatigue of the walk.

I don't make many lists for some reason, although I do in my head. I make picture lists.

Take care, my friend. Val xox

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

One of the joys in life is having things to do, and then doing the things that we wish to do - sometimes of necessity, but often because we enjoy it. So enjoy your projects and lists.