Sunday, July 22, 2012

Noble Soul

Reflect upon your aspirations, O noble one. No matter what your station be, keep searching.

************************ .
Hello Jon
Watchman, tell us of the night.
Tonight it's in the tropics
My friend Marty is on vacation. He spends his days sitting in the sun, smoking his cigarettes, drinking his vodka, staring at the palm trees and the pelicans. He's in the Caribbean.

Normally Marty lives in Brooklyn. He's a basic New Yorker as I am.. Concrete brains and asphalt nerves. That's one reason why we're friends.

The rest of the year Marty works. He's a word processor and he's one of the best in the business. But that's not what he really is. He's really a musician. And that's another reason why we're friends. He plays keyboard: rock, jazz and classical.

Some day Marty will retire from his job, probably move to the Caribbean and play music because he carries music in his noble soul wherever he goes.

His saga is about facing necessities, grounding himself in the things and people that matter and searching for the answers that quell the questions. His is the grand search. It's the search for meaning. It's an active search done through accomplishment and force of character.

His is a vigorous search. While my search is mainly intellectual, with my nose in a book, Marty will be gathering adventures like a collector. We are very different in our approach to life. And that's another reason why we're friends.

But if I ever scrape the money together to buy a clarinet and learn how to play it, I may join him in the Caribbean, stare at the palm trees and pelicans and make music.

DB - The Vagabond
Never give up.


Geo. said...

One could do worse than "stare at the palm trees and pelicans and make music." I'd start with the clarinet.

Jon said...

I have already gathered more adventures than I can possibly handle. I'm at the point in life where, like you, I'd rather go on an intellectual search with my nose in a book.

Sitting under palmtrees in the Caribbean sounds very intriguing.
Of course, I'd have to bring a piano, numerous cases of vodka, and an occasionally annoying & neurotic cat. said...

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