Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fight The Dragon

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.

Hello Margie
"Watchman, tell us of the night."
The night is a better night than iast night, and so is the day.
There's an old saying "Time is money." You've probably heard that. Well, with clenched fist shaking my rage at the heavens, I gave my self more time and hence more money. I found six days and $48. How did I do that? It's a secret. How can one add six days to his life and translate that into $48? I told you, it's a secret. and a mystery But it means that I will have enough food to get me to the first of August when mine next income cometh in. The secret is that one must evangelize oneself. Get it?

My nasty neighborhood hasn't changed. Yesterday about noon my two immediate neighbors got into a terrible fight out the door, down the steps and all around the parking lot. They were both yelling. He was grabbing her and she was pushing him away. Two police cars came. She got in her car in a fury and drove away. Then she came back. Then the two of them got in the car and drove away. Now both of them are back. It might make an interesting story if I knew what they were fighting about.

What is worth fighting about? Survival. Refusing to give up, refusing to be stagnant, refusing to be minimized, underestimated and disrespected. It is worth fighting for rights, for righteousness and goodness. It is worth fighting for health, happiness and self respect.

Now, you take my neighbor. Please. Take him away from here. He's strong enough to subdue his woman and order around the little girl who lives with them. But he can't control his temper or his mouth. He's a weakling.

The sternest, most difficult enemy we ever have to face is the one inside us. That subtle, conniving, devious creature knows more about us than any other enemy and it knows where our vulnerable points are, our "erroneous zones." But that enemy is also the dragon at the mouth of the cave that holds the great treasures of our lives. Bring the dragon to the mat and the treasures are ours. In the cave we find our knowledge, our genius, our enlightenment. We have won the fight with ourselves and the reward is the golden crown of freedom. That's a fight worth having.

DB - Vagabond Journeys
Never give up.


Geo. said...

I am ever-confident in your survival skills, but those neighbors. Ever since a friend had to stop his car for a woman brandishing a knife and chasing a man in the street while screaming,"I love you! I love you!", I have decided some relationships do not reward analysis.

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Ken Riches said...

Our worst enemy is always from within...