Friday, February 15, 2013

A Strange Language

Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can.

(Elsa Maxwell)


Hello Lily


You will need the enclosed glossary to understand the following conversation The language is spoken by a peculiar group of Americans who live in a small area.



derz - there's

da - to

duh - the

dis - this is

euh - ear

fou - four

he - here

i - it

noo - new

nah - no

o - of

terd - third

tru - through

tanks - thanks

wes - west

whaz - what does

windas - winters

yuh - you, or your

yawk - york

yeah - year


I enter the dry cleaners in a small town in northern New Hampshire to get my suit. The man takes my slip, goes into the back and comes out with my suit, hangs it up, puts a piece of paper on the counter and speaks.

He: Deres yuh receit, i comes to foh fifty.

I: (I pay him) Yuh from noo yawk, aren't yuh?

He looks at me with a bit of suspicion. I point to myself.

I: Upper wes side.

He: (pointing at himself Duh Bronx. Whaz i show?

I: Hah, It's in duh euh, man. Duh sounds o home. How long yuh bin he?

He: Dis is my terd yeah.

I" So yuh bin tru a few windas an know duh story.

He: Yup.

I: Well, good luck.

He: Tanks.


Vagabond Journeys

Dana Bate

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Delightful transcription, DB. Tanks!