Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Homeless Man

The young woman offered him a sandwich while he was resting out in the cold. She thought he was a homeless man.

He can't afford a haircut. He looks like a homeless man.

He putters around his apartment but it is not his home. He feels like a homeless man.

His porch light is always on but no neighbors come to call. He is a solitary man.

No one in the town knows him well. He is a friendless man.

They canceled his lecture to the group. He is a speechless man.

He loves to paint but can't afford new paints or frames. He is an artless man.

He loves to make music but has no musical instrument. He is a soundless man.

He loves adventure but has no means of travel. He is an immobile man.

He loves to make love but has no partner. He is a loveless man.

He loves life but doesn't know where he lives. He is a homeless man.


Vagabond Journeys

Dana Bate

Never Give Up



FrankandMary said...

Well, I was once given a $1 when I was out talking to a homeless man, so...

Big Mark 243 said...

This was very heartfelt and well said... would make for a nice storyline were it to be developed...

As to the homeless man... he is never alone... many are among him, aimless, yearning for their home...

Rene R Ortega said...

More often than not I feel like the homeless man.