Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Xenophilic Xylograph 11/11/08

Music is a fantastic peace keeper of the world.

Xun Zi
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Everywhere you go in the world there is music. It is almost as ubiquitous as water and just as necessary. Symphony Orchestras play everywhere, even in the Arctic, there are opera companies all over the world, string quartets are playing somewhere right now. There are jazz bands, rock bands, club singers, country singers, folk singers. There's a kid somewhere right now learning to play his violin, his trumpet or his guitar. There's an Indian playing his sitar, and African playing his flute, a Scotsman playing his pipes, a church organist learning a new piece.

Even if two people can't understand each other's languages or enjoy each other's food they can make music together. There is a large but finite number of tones that the human ear can hear. There is a constantly evolving amount of sounds that can be made from those tones. And there's an endless number of ways that compositions can be made and played. I would wager my tuba (if I had one) that if we ever do discover a planer with a civilization of "alien" creatures on it, they will have music.

The daft thing is that there is so much music in the world we tend to take it for granted. As a music lover I have always been astonished at it. Even if I can't hear the tones, just siting and reading a musical score is an adventure,

There are many ways to declare peace in the world. Music is not the only one. But it is definitely one of them if governments would start giving it the respect it deserves.



Linda's World said...

I agree DB, music like a smile is understood by all people in this big world of ours. Linda in WA

Coy said...

I wish I could say that sitting and reading a musical score felt like an adventure to me. I am a music lover and have a little experience over the years in reading music (ok very little, but some) right now I am reading a book called " This is your brain on music, the science of a human obsesion" I predict that by the time I finish the book I'll have more learned thoughts when it comes to music but I'm sure that the music that brings me the most pleasure will remain the same.
Happy Tuesday DB.
*** Coy ***

Big Mark 243 said...

Either math or music ... but they themselves are interrelated and as infinite. Sort of a good thing to think about.

Alice said...

I've always found it easier to remember words to a song than just words to a poem. I've often wondered why that is. :)....

Beth said...

Agree, D. How many of us here have connected with some piece of music? We mention a song or a work, and someone says, "I love that song!" or "I know what you're talking about!"

It's a way to connect, not just here, but for the whole world.

Hugs, Beth

a corgi said...

I think you got something here, DB; now if someone in government would listen to you; good thoughts!