Thursday, January 15, 2009

Eternal Exploration 1/15/09

Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.

Sir Arthur Eddington
Hail Hardy One, cold enough?
Check below for WINTER QUIZ.

Georgia O'Keeffe found the universe in a flower, the wandering eye of the Hubble Space Telescope is looking for it in the cosmos. It seems there is always more to discover, whether it is in the immeasurably vast cauldron full of stars and planets swirling and bubbling around in outer space or gently stretching and unfolding itself in the back yard.

Last night I heard a piece of music called "Tzigane" by Maurice Ravel. Ravel was a great composer. I've heard this piece many times before and I love it. It's for solo violin and orchestra, but the violin plays alone for the first half of the piece, swirling and bubbling into all corners of the theme, a song of discovery. Then the orchestra enters, quietly at first with just the harps, but gradually the other instruments follow and at last it ends with a wild, joyful dance. The word "tzigane" means "gypsy." Why do I love it? Because I'm a vagabond? Only one who does it can know the fear, passion and joy of the wanderer and his discovery of the strange. And I have danced on more than one street corner in this universe.

The search goes on still for the new, the strange, the unknown, the inconceivable, the unimaginable. As long as there are wanderers through the garden or the stars the gypsy dance will go on.

If you get some sunlight today, seize it.

This is not a contest.

What one person, living or not, would you most like to have dinner with?
What is the first question you would ask them?

You have the winter to answer. Please leave your response on my email or journal with your name, or journal title or email address. Thank you.

DB - The Vagabond


a corgi said...

good winter quiz question DB. I'd love to have dinner with Jesus but reading his word, its like I do get to eat with him daily and pretty much all of lifes questions are answered in his word.

I think I'd like to have dinner with one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and ask them if they knew how America is now compared to America back in its founding days, would they still have wanted to go for independence against England?


Arlene (AJ) said...

I'd love to have dinner with our cousin the late Pope John Paul and my father who was a twin in looks to him and hear them discuss our family histories,

Big Mark 243 said...

Don't need a winter to answer ... the person that I most would like to have dinner with, is the next great love of my life ... so that means the question would be, 'would you marry me?'.

Beth said...

We did get a lot of sunlight today, and it was very pretty! It wasn't enough to warm things up though, and at 5 PM, we're already approaching zero. Brrr. Stay warm!

I think that at this moment in time, I would like to play hostess to Barack Obama. My first question to him would be, "You're undertaking a huge job. How will you stay grounded and true to your principles during your (first) for years?"

Fun question, and I look forward to all your readers' answers!

Love, Beth

Beth said...

Whoops, FOUR not for!

Breezy said...

This post was very musical, with the talk of stars, swirling, bubbling, joyful dance and gypsy. I felt myself wanting to sway with the music, even tho there was no audible sounds. I enjoyed it.

Since it is late and I am sleepy, I will have to take a little more time and come back to your Winter Quiz

salemslot9 said...

I played viola
when I was in 4th grade
My grandfather on my mother's
side is 100% Hungarian
I consider that 'gypsy'