Sunday, April 4, 2010

Birds And Blossoms

If I keep a green bough in my heart, then the singing bird will come.

Chinese proverb.
One green bough. One song bird. One heart.
Today my phone is working again. I'll see what tomorrow brings.
It's Easter, Passover, Spring. It's the time for resurrection, release and renewal.

I read a lot of journals. I enjoy reading people's news. Some journals take on serious issues and stomp for some righteous cause. A few stomp for some unrighteous cause. I read them anyway.

I've been told that Vagabond Journeys is silly and without substance. Maybe it's because I don't take on serious political and religious issues unless they relate to some historical scenery. It isn't that I don't think about those things, it's that as one solitary individual, alone in this community of writers, it is the hope and plan of my journal to send as many sparks of light as I can into a world of troubles and struggles, and not to light destructive fires.

When I got my phone on this morning there were 8 messages on there, most of them threatening calls from law firms. They will all be handled one way or another But not now.

The only things that impact and influence my journal writings are personal observations, the conditions of my own life, natural curiosity, the thoughts of the wise and the otherwise and a constant yearning to understand and appreciate beauty.

Walking home from an errand yesterday I came upon a small tree growing out of a plot of earth on the sidewalk. The sun was shining joyfully through its array of small pink blossoms with dark red fingers pushing out the ends of its branches. It was breathtaking. It was by itself on the sidewalk, There were no other trees around. I stopped to admire the gleaming light of that small tree and touch its pink blossoms. It was beautiful.

As I approached home I stopped again to listen to a solitary bird in the tree behind the house. It was chirping the sweetest song, all by itself, singing because it wanted to.

What is it that would keep one from noticing these things and enjoying them? Is it the snarling and hissing beasts of trouble and worldliness? If so then it must be fear, and someone, even if all by himself, should offer an antidote to that fear, should extend a green bough for the singing bird.

So call me silly and without substance. It's easy to say don't be afraid. But that's not good enough. I know about fear. I know how it can darken the clearest sky and silence the prettiest music. It can grip the mind and the emotions and even turn into hate, if not faced down. It is fear that says hope is dead and buried, there is no escape and we are destined to life's cold winds and bare branches forever.

But it is Easter, Passover, Spring. He is risen, the Pharoah has been left behind and the tree is blooming. So weep for your troubled life, by all means. Tears are sacred things. But then hold out your heart for the singing bird.

DB - The Vagabond


Trees said...

I read what you typed Db about someone saying your journal is without substance adn is silly. Indeed I had to read it several times because I was in total disbelief. Your journal for me is one of the best ones on here, I certainly read others and some are very good which I thoroughly enjoy, but yours is one of my favorites. Substance what a joke, yours is full of sustance, you talk about things that touch the heart, things that are thought provoking and make you think. Things that may seem so simple, but make one realize how important some seemingly mundane things are. Your entry today, is filled with beauty, of the little tree all alone and the single bird in the tree, this is about aloneness which many may not catch while reading but I did. Please know that as long as I can type, you will never be alone, I love your blog and look forward to it. Keep on writing your superb entries, I for one always wait to see them. God bless and Happy Easter to you my friend.

That corgi :) said...

I can't imagine anyone saying your journal is silly and without substance, DB. There is a lot of depth in your writings, so much so sometimes that I have to think once or twice or even more to absorb all of it. Silly and without substance is writing about a silly corgi pup :)

there will always be critics; just write what you want to write.

He is risen indeed!


pacifica62 said...

"They" can say what they will, but any writing that challenges my thinking and stretches my beliefs is certainly not silly and without substance. You write at a more thoughtful, introspective level than others do and that is why I read the Vagabond Journeys. Why waste my time reading the junk, when I can just settle for the best. Joyeux Pacques DB. I hope the Easter Bunny was generous in filling your Easter basket.

Linda's World said...

Whoever wrote such a thing about your Blog is off their medicine indeed. Amidst the sometimes gloomy parts of our lives it's such a blessing to hear a bird sing, see a flower in bloom and see new growth on a shrub or tree. How wonderful to view these promises of new life. Linda in Washington

Linda S. Socha said...

Beautiful post. I read the last paragraph over and over..YES
Hugs and a Joy filled Easter

Rose~* said...

Singing birds - yes, indeed! We just went through one hec of a wind storm last night and I worried about my fine-feathered friends. Early this morning they were singing even louder than before. I think they were swapping stories about the wind, lol. Wishing you a wonderful Easter, filled with many blessings.

Just Bill said...

DB, please do not let the people who do not enjoy your blog and writings. They know not what they do or why.
You should have taken a picture of the tree on the sidewalk and the bird in the tree. With you artistic ability I am sure you can be a great photographer. Bill

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

The thing about blogs is that we purposely choose what to read, and what not to read. To take the time to read and then leave a snarky comment just does not make sense. Perhaps there is some fear driving the snarkyness. Fear can be a powerful notivator, and like many other aspects of life, we choose how to react. Unfortunately, many decide to strike out instead of eliminating the root of the fear.

Lori said...

I cannot imagine who would ever call your blog silly or without substance. And if they call your blog that, I can't imagine what they would think of mine! That being said, I suppose we'd have the right to blog about silly and insubstantial things if we wanted to, and who's to say what is silly and insubstantial, anyway?

Glad your phone is working. You just keep on blogging about what you feel like blogging about, and we'll keep reading.

Judith Ellis said...

Beautiful, DB. He is risen!