Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Contest Results


Just as the checkered flag was about to come down and I was deciding to cancel all future weekend tests Val came across with the winning entry. It was a tough choice, and the judge was threatening to quit on me, but he came through with the pick, and so to Val of the Blogspot Tigers goes the genuine linoleum name tag for (drum roll)

The British fence saleswoman - Barb Dwyer

runners Up, all from the Tigers, include

The German Farm Girl - Brigitta Bauer (from Krissy)
The Clown - Peter Pratfall (from John)
Asian male adult film star: wang hung lo (from Mr. and Mrs. Alaineus)
and (also from Val)
Irish Bartender - Tom Collins
Alan Armstrong - American pitcher (or arm wrestler)
Bob Barker - A German carnival man with a loudspeaker
Cardinal in the Catholic church in Philippines - Cardinal Sin (I hear this is actually true)
Canadian gardener woman - Grace Green
Irish alterboy - Ian O'Neal
American luggage salesman - Justin Case
American electrician - Ida Sparks
British policewoman - Robin Banks

Okay. I'll do another one next week.



Nance said...

Clearly, Da Judge is in the house! I concur with the judge's choice entirely.

DB said...

Thank you Nance.


Linda S. Socha said...

Oh my.....lovely choice

Valerie said...

I humbly bow... thank you, DB. Please continue. Sometimes I am a little late with my entry because my weekend can be CRAZY, but I hope to always try. Hugs and I hope you have a decent day. xox