Saturday, April 3, 2010


Though there were only 5 entries to this April Foolery the decision was a very difficult one for this poor judge. The entries were all clever and imaginative, as you will see. But I made up what passes as my mind and thus, for not purely chauvinistic reasons, the first prize of an aluminum pear tree, with partridge, goes to Trees of the Blogspot Tigers for.

On the first day of April my true love gave to me
12 A Toyota with faulty accelerator pedal
11 A used up paint brush with bristles all awry
10 A rock picked up on the beach they lovingly
spent hours finding
9 The first peach rose blooming in my garden
8 A handmade birthday card that showed all the love for me they have
7 A badly flopped, lopsided cake that toppled over when I tried to cut it,
it was made with much love
6 A stuffed giraffe with very long hanging legs that made me laugh for
5 A sand dollar that had broken, the doves were put on a rock that
was bleached so white, one of the most precious gifts I cherish to this
4 A copy of the Trees Poem by Joyce Kilmer
3 A life long membership to Vagabond Journey's blog for which I love them
even more
2 Their gift of humour, honesty, loyalty, trust
1 Their heart
and Their love, a gift from God and their faith in me and loving me and
accepting me unconditionally
and My very favorite my whoopee cushion to kid everyone with
and the best April fools joke ever.
Second prize of 2 turtles goes to Barry of the Email Lions for:

On the first day of April my true love gave to me
12 Obamas bombing
11 Bad Amendments
10 Tigers Golfing
9_Supreme Court Judges
8_FOX Reporters
7_Spitzers spitting
6_Edwards laying
5 CPA's
4_Frightened Quail
3_Dead Moose
2 Democrats
and John Boehner hanging from a pear tree.
Third Prize of 3 French Hens (one of them is pregnant) will go to Beth of the Blogspot Tigers for:

On the first day of April my true love gave to me
12 jurors judging
11 polling places
10 chads a-hanging
9 justices ruling
8 negative ads
7 morons with signs
6 teabaggin' dolts
5 Palin kids!
4 governors cheating
3 sordid affairs
2 opposing parties
and a brand new health care bill!.
Neck and neck with Beth came Val, also of the Blogspot Tigers, with 4 birds amocking for:

On the first day of April my true love gave to me
12 gags and hoaxes
11 flying penguins
10 yards with no feet
9 cats with no lives
an 8 ball with 4 sides
7 lucky horse heads
6 happy tax accountants preparing
5 simple tax returns
4 vanilla bunnies
a 3-eyed cyclops
2 conjoined triplets
and a blue-footed boobie in a rubber tree plant.
And on honorable mention along with 5 plastic rings goes to Stuart of the Email Lions for:

A chauvinist pig a frying, a wet puppy weeing, and crabbing apple in a pear tree.
Thank you all. Good work.
Next weekend a new contest. Beware.



Joann said...

WOW!!! Those were great... and I couldn't even BEGIN!!! LOL!!

Just Bill said...

DB, like Joanne, I had no idea how to staart or put in an entry.
I think all of the entries were great and showed a lot of imagination. They gave me a good laugh. Give them all a prize, Bill

Rose said...

Me too,like Joann...I didn't know where to begin! LOL

I enjoyed all who responded and I also enjoyed your your decisions.
Hugs, Rose

Lori said...

They were all great, and I especially loved the "6 Edwards laying". Very witty!