Saturday, April 17, 2010


I want freedom. I want to be free from poverty and debt, free from illness and decrepitude. Don't make me ride in confined spaces. Let me walk along an open road. Let my shoulders feel the sun and the rain. Let me look farther than I can see. Let me be grateful for things I do not lose. Free me from my past, let me not think about it. Don't imprison me and don't chain me to needs and musts. Let the great wide open silence be interrupted only by beautiful songs. Don't frighten me with closed doors I can't open. Don't invite me into small, dark rooms. Don't put me with the crowd. Don't surround me with breakable things. Let me listen to the wind and read the running brooks. Throw me overboard and let me float on ocean waves. Let my stories be confined in books to sit up on the shelves. Let my paintings be confined in frames and hung on the walls. But don't confine me. Let me be free.

And when I die please don't put me in a box. Spread me out in a field and let the wild ones dine on me. Let me feed the eagles.



Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Freedom is relative. There are many in the world that would kill for the freedoms we have. But we also desire freedoms we do not have. I would love the freedom to not work, but alas, that is not to be for a while.

Ana said...

I feel exactly this way...
Thank you for comforting me with your writing.

Indigo said...

In our hearts and souls we are free. It's letting that beauty encompass our spirits that gives us that freedom. Debtors and time cannot cleave that from us dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Liz said...

You have the only freedom any one should ever want.
Freedom not only to think as you wish but also to write your thoughts down so others can understand and learn from them.
Poverty, debt, illness and decrepitude are no match for the human spirit that will always rise to walk along the open road and feel the sun and rain on its' shoulders while it looks beyond the horizon.

Lisa said...

Love this, love the message, love freedom.

Nance said...

With age, I find that my body confines and shackles me most...stupid stiffnesses, energy-sapping aches and pains. Thank goodness for the freedom writing brings, to express ourselves as well as young and supple people can, and for the joy of blogging our minds and hearts.

Big Mark 243 said...

Reading this reminds me of how powerful a thing that forgetting what wasn't and concentrating on not what never will be and living in the moment is.

It is a difficult thing to do but it is the thing that we need to do to make it to the next moment.

Be well, DB.

Gerry said...

Although I have not been too upset about finances in later years I certainly had a lot of times when I did get upset when younger. Upset is upset and hard to bear no matter what it is over. It is crisis, so I am hoping things will get better for you, that you will somehow get over the hump and will be able to get past feelings of great stress. They can make you sick.