Sunday, January 16, 2011

Look At That

Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.

Lauren Bacall
Do you trust your instincts? Probably. Do you trust your intuition? Maybe. How about your ingenuity? Most likely. But do you trusty your imagination? Why not?

Imagination works in two ways. One is what happens when the mind "wanders" and you are what's known as lost in thought. At such a time you visit various places, ideas, memories, doubts, fears, worries, visions, spectacles, hopes, waking dreams. Then sometimes the wandering imagination finds a trail and follows it for a while. That wayfaring imagination can be a very pleasant experience or a negative one.

Creative imagination comes with a ballet slipper or a test tube. It is the potter;s clay, the carpenter's wood, the smith's metal, the poet's word. When the dial clicks on the right number an idea shows up into sight out of the fog of maybes and might bes. The creative thinker takes that idea and gives it a bath in his imagination. It is molded and fashioned by him, held up to the light and maybe hammered a little bit. That is the process of discovery and creativity and when it goes on one is truly lifted into a special place in the universe all his own. Out of the mundane into the spiritual, it's one of life's greatest joys.

DB - The Vagabond

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What was the most significant event that happened in 2010?

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Beth said...

I don't know if I have a creative imagination, but I do enjoy just letting my mind wander and see where it takes me!

Rose said...

Boy, can my mind travel and it gets creative too.

Great Post!


❤Connie Higginbotham❤ said...

I remember the big oil spill
I loved Lauren Bacall

pacifica62 said...

I am pretty sure that I do not have a creative imagination as described, but that is fine cause I know others do. I love it when my mind wanders and just flits from place to place to place. Nothing to hold me back as there would be in real life and I am light and free as a butterfly. One thing I like about my senior years is that I can let my mind wander more often. I have little, or a lot less, in the way of problems or issues to keep me tethered to the away my mind goes like a ballon rising in the wind.

Big Mark 243 said...

I loved Pacifica's comment!

I joke that my imagination is too small to be left out on its own, so wherever it goes, I am sure to follow!!

I imagined being where I am today. I also imagined a lot of the places I have been in my life. In fact, I am now imagine where I am going and that keeps me positive and excited.

bakelite buffoon said...

Thank you. Love this entry.