Sunday, January 30, 2011

Letter To Quitters

"What man wants to do, he can do." This is just a high-sounding tautology. What he wants to do upon the command of his morally commanding reason is exactly what he ought to do.

Immanuel Kant
Just as vermin crawl through the corpse so the worms of inanity and negativity ooze their way through a human being or a society that has lost its standard of reason and conscience. With a wave and bland smile the destroyers will throw a rope of lies to the struggling spirit. Innocent criminals, self bewildered, brazen fools, parasites in those still living.

As frightening as it may appear to uncertain travelers we must tread on the high places of our reason and not allow the enemy to dwell there. All the claims of failure, hidden error, uselessness, unworthiness must be chased out and trampled on by iron boots.

Logic is a tool in the hands of both the seer and the deceiver. It invites combat, and it is a skilled fighter. We have a choice. We can either join battle in the mud pit of immoral muck or stand on the high ground in the light of reason knowing that the truth sails on the winds of integrity and inspiration. Ignorance, greed and irresponsibility are given license by a dying society. They are the worms that gnaw the vitality out of our lives and they are busy right now, today, this very hour, camouflaging their desperate work with spider webs.

When we stop listening to the blandishments and fancy prose and posing of the deniers and truly think in the highest and clearest manner we know we are not permitted to do just what we please. We are permitted to do what we know is right and we know what is right because we decide.

If you are still alive you know there is no quitting. If you quit the worms are waiting.

DB - The Vagabond

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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I would hope that we can start taking positive action instead of just spouting vitriol.

Cathy said...

Hardly an easy task, protecting our logic against what assails us through everyday events that merely "seem" to be non-toxic. I read this twice, since even though the truths are hard, the honesty makes it easier. Thanks DB ;-)