Monday, January 24, 2011

The Loss Of A Friend

Only the gentle are truly strong.

James Dean
Yesterday morning I sent yet another email to Just Plain Bill and was soon informed by his son that Bill left us last November. I was very sad to read that news. I wept.

Bill was a particular friend of mine and I will miss him very much. He was always instant with advice, encouragement and instructions to help me with my computer. When every now and then I was sloppy with my journal entries he was my proofreader.

After all these years he was the only Jlander/Blogspotter I have ever met personally, face to face. He often visited me here, bringing something to give me. He gave me some books. One day he brought me a bottle of Wild Turkey, my favorite hard stuff. I still have a golf club mitten he left behind, a calling card, I guess. He gave me my digital camera and taught me how to use it. He spent two hours one day trying to get my deviant, devilish Dell to work and finally took it away. And when some of you got together, pooled your resources and bought me the Hewlett Packard computer I have now, it was Just Plain Bill who delivered it to my front door, hauled it up three flights to my attic aerie and helped me to install it.

Bill once told me he had no sense of humor and yet on a few occasions we shared good times and laughs together over crab cakes and manhattans at the King George here in Bristol. The King George is closed now. Bill once told me about some of the bars he used to visit in this area but whose doors are shut now. I got him to laugh about it when I said "Bill, you've closed more bars than the temperance movement. What's your secret?"

Bill was a good guy for certain. We discussed many things. We disagreed about politics but we never argued about it. In fact I never heard him say a harsh or unkind word about anyone or anything. He was a true gentleman and a fine, first rate friend. I will never forget him.

Good bye Bill. May a giant bubble of blessings surround you wherever you go.

Dana Bate
Vagabond Journeys


Linda's World said...

A good man and friend indeed!

pacifica62 said...

I am so sorry to hear this news. I enjoyed his posts and he will be missed. My condolences to you db, on the loss of a very special friend. Keep the good memories close to your heart.

Rose~* said...

I have heard his name mentioned before in your comments and am truly sorry for your loss. He seemed like a very special friend, indeed.

Jon said...

Those who have touched our lives in such a positive way are never truly gone.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

just plain bill was the kind of person i would of chosen to be my family. he always had encouraging things to say on my ramblings.

please pass my condolences along to his family.


Big Mark 243 said...

I did not 'know' Bill but I have seen and read nothing but good things about him. The world is poorer at his passing and my condolensces go out to his family and to you and all who called him friend.

Valerie said...

Beautiful tribute. I am very sorry you lost such a wonderful friend.

krissy knox said...

I knew Bill as one stellar and great guy, a man among men. Now I also know him for the average and colorful man he was. God bless him forever in Heaven, and thank you so much, DB, for sharing such a wonderful description of him w us!

krissy knox :)

Beth said...

I didn't have a chance to read your entry until now, so my email was unneeded.

I am very sorry at the loss of your good friend. Hugs, Beth

mrs. miss alaineus said...

i had some time to reflect on this some more and i wanted you to know that i am thinking of you tonight db. i am truly sorry for the loss of your friend. i'll bet hands down that to know bill in the real life was a great honor.

take care of yourself. i wish there was something more we could say or do.


Mr.Mischief said...

I'm so sorry for your loss-I remember seeing posts by Bill on Miss A's blog being happy for us finding each other...I often think the one thing you can leave behind is who you were as a person, and Bill was a good person indeed.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sorry to hear of Bill's passing.

Trees said...

Hi DB I have not been around blog land much but read your entry today about Bill. So sorry for your loss, I know we have talked several times about Bill and what a dear friend he was to you. Your memories of him were beautiful and heart warming and you truly honoured him.