Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bach In B Minor

In the face of all that is crooked about the world, when I listen to the music of Bach things straighten out.

Dana Bate
Hello Frosty
Dear Friend, I know you are probably not going to do this, but I'm telling you to do it anyway. At some point soon in your progressing life you must listen to a performance of the B minor Mass by Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach wasn't a Catholic but he wrote a lot of religious music, most of it in German, The Christmas and Easter Oratorios, The Saint Mathew and Saint John Passions and many Cantatas. So composing to the Latin Mass was a special venture for Bach. What he created is a conglomeration of some of the greatest music ever composed.

If you can't bear to hear the whole thing then at least listen to the opening section. It's a stately fugue for chorus and orchestra based on only the first 2 words of the Mass: Kyrie Eleison. It is a landscape of music. I promise.

If you keep going and get to the middle you'll hear Cum Sancto Spiritu, which lifts off and flies.

Later on Et Resurrexit jumps up out of silence and dances with so much joy it almost tumbles over itself.

As you listen don't just think it's beautiful, which it is, but listen into the music, try to hear every note from the kettle drum to the high trumpet, from the bass to the sopranos.

If you make it to the final chorus, you're life will have progressed, I guarantee it.

If you don't listen to this music I will still talk to you anyway.

DB - Vagabond
Never Give Up

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