Saturday, January 21, 2012

Make Peace

Mankind is becoming a single unit, and that for a single unit to fight against itself is suicide.

Havelock Ellis
Hello George
Is the human race gradually committing suicide? It might seem that way from a wide perspective. There is always some war going on somewhere on the globe. The more guns there are the more people will be shot and killed. The more weapons of war there are the more soldiers and civilians will die. The more weapons of mass destruction there are the more massive numbers of people will be wiped out.

Leaders and politicians of many lands are eager to make war. For as Erasmus said "War is sweet to those who have never experienced it." There are many reasons why people wage war. Revenge, ancient grudges, irrational hatred, possessiveness of land and it's resources are some of them. Ethnic and religious differences, suspicion, fear and tyranny are others. Whatever they are, bundle them all together and there is a recipe for destruction, killing, wounding, cruelty, mayhem and chaos. They are all the reasons for the suicidal actions of men and nations in a world where cooperation, compassion and understanding are the only tools for survival.

There is an unbroken line from the playground bully to the hydrogen bomb. The more people realize that, the more careful they will be to stem violence at whatever level they find it. If the unjust and violent win worldwide suicide is inevitable.

These words of mine are not new. They have been uttered for centuries, since before it was even possible to blow up the whole earth, as it is today. Who heeds them? There is a worldwide madness that keeps building more and better destroying machines and methods. Why don't those who say "Stop. What are you doing?" have the podium, instead of the justifiers, excusers and profiteers. There are too many super rich who make their millions from building weapons, and as long as nations will buy those weapons they're in business to make more.

Of what value are we as human beings if our story is the History of War? And if the final chapter of that story is that we finally and ultimately erase ourselves from the planet, leaving it to the ants, cockroaches and mosquitoes, what a waste. The insects care nothing for our borders, armies, monuments and museums.

Valor, courage and bravery are great qualities wherever they are found. But there is no glory in winning a Peace Prize if there is still no peace. And of what value is a Medal of Honor on the chest of someone who lost a leg in a road side bomb?

There is a civil war going on in this country. It isn't between the liberals and the conservatives, it isn't between the rich and the poor. On one side are those who want to do violence, to make war, on the battle field, the football field or the play ground, and those who sit back and give them permission to do it. Who's on the other side?

DB - Vagabond Journeys
Never Give Up
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Geo. said...

"Is the human race gradually committing suicide?"

I sure hope not. Suicide is illegal and we'd have to go to jail for it. Unfortunately that seems to be the extent of general understanding. Thought-provoking post, DB. Thanks!