Thursday, February 2, 2012

More On The Joyless

Today I'm laughing in my wine, but not for joy. For the ridicule and pain of life.

Lies and tricks on a simple trusting man are seen in the jester's face.

Don't let him know. It might hurt him. Don't let him know his father's dead. Don't let him know. It might hurt him. Don't let him know I'm in the room next door. I'll come by the back way to avoid him so he won't know. It might hurt him. Don't let him know what I'm doing here. Don't let him know what we're doing here. It might hurt him. Don't let him know.

Not letting me know is what hurt me the most.

Why are there only two in the room? Because there are not three? "That's a good fool."

I hear the knocking on the other man's door. Why is the poor fool alone? Because no one ever knocks on his door? "That's a good fool."

Why does the good fool leave his heart on the front porch? Because he thinks someone might want it? "That's a good fool."

What does the stupid fool want? The same thing that everyone else wants. And what is that stupid fool? Love. "Gooood! Stupid fool. That's the right answer" What do I win?

Check one:


Sorry poor fool, you get none of the above.

That's okay. I don't expect anything. "That's a good fool."



pacifica62 said...

I am thinking that this is a personal entry, db, about something going on in your life. I do not know what to do or to say because I do not really know what this is all about. I certainly do not think of you as being a fool, but maybe someone or something is playing you for a fool. I wish for joy to come back into your life cause you deserve it.

Geo. said...

DB, I just made a ridiculos entry at "Trainrides..." with the specific aim of cheering you up. Don't quite know what else to do except wish you joy too.

Dannelle said...

Somedays I feel we are all played by the fool- BUT that does not make us the fool.

Arlene (AJ) said...

One thing for sure - you're not a fool, but a caring man who has shared so much of himself with all of us, for that we are indeed blessed by one special man, not a fool by any means if you were writing about yourself dear friend.