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The popular notion of an antithesis between appearance and reality has exercised a very powerful influence on scientific and philosophical thought.

Ernst Mach


Hello Sandy


There's an old saying, I don'[t know who originated it, that says an authority is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows all there is to know about absolutely nothing. Scientists who are poking their noses into dark matter and trying to discover a unified theory of nature are about as close to the nothing which is something as anyone can get. At least the nothing is something enough for mathematicians and physicists to chew on.

Now this vagabond is not against Science and the magical things it has done for the human race, still it must be very enjoyable for theorists to play with a multi million dollar collider to shoot atoms and particles at an unimaginable speed in the attempt to find something that may not be there.

I slash my way with a pen knife through the jungle of theories as written for the scientifically confused, such as myself. Standard Model, Higgs particle, weak bosons, the spontaneously broken, the comprehensive theory of nature, dark energy, string theory,the quantum mechanical theory and so forth have left me feet deep in a mud puddlde of thought from which I will emerge by reading a few Shakespeare sonnets.

But some questions remain. The theory of dark energy supposes that parts of our univwese exist in a different time and space condition from our own and therefore are unobservable; or that there is in fact another universe altogether with its own big bang. Are we alive in this universe and dead in that one? The tiny particles which race through time and space, running right now through your physical body, are so small they can only be identified by their behavior, their effect on other tiny particles. Furthermore it is an accepted fact that those particles will alter their behavior by the sheer fact of being observed, like an errant child being goofy until an adult walks into the room. Since that is so how can we be sure it's acting in a normal, natural fashion and not playing hide and seek with us? And lastly is the particle that is discovered at the end of the long collider tunnel simply what some scientist thinks and not a real thing at all?

Now I leave the mud puddle for the day as you ponder those mysteries of creation, or don't.


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Anonymous said...

I think that remaining questions, always regards to almost everything, is the way it should be. I don't ponder creation as much as I ponder why we screwed so much up when at its core it was so damn good. ~Mary