Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Music is the answer to everything.

Dana Bate


Hello Ken


After a day of troubles, computer and otherwise, which left me confused and irritated, I listened to a performance on my favorite radio station, WWFM in Trenton, NJ (also on the Web), of the Piano Concerto Number 4 by Camille Saint-Saens. Pascal Roget was the pianist and Charles Dutoit, the conductor.

The performance was so inspiring, beautiful and exciting it chased all my blues away. It will do the same for you if you listen to it carefully and give it the respect it deserves. I don't care if you don't like classical music or even if you don'[t like music in general, there is a magic carpet ride to other and better worlds to be taken and shared.

There are two things in this world that never lie: mathematics and music.

DB - the Vagabond

Never give up.


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Jon said...

I love all of the Saint-Saens piano concertos. He was a great composer and is extremely underrated.