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The wise man does at once what the fool does finally.



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It isn't difficult to be a wise person. Most of what we need to know is around us most of the time if we look and listen. The truth of things is as clear as daylight. So why do we get confused, make mistakes and act like fools??

There are many things that cloud over the daylight and it's very difficult often to know what they are. Fear, doubt, loss, laziness, selfishness, lack of time or money, ignorance and the belief that there are things over which we have no control are just some of the mini dragons that produce an inability to stop, look and listen, or at least they seem to.

Is it asking too much to remain calm in a panic? It probably is, even though the answer to whatever is frightening someone may be waiting for a calm moment to express itself. I think it was John Wayne who said that courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.

But we don't have to face dragons to show courage or wisdom. Sometimes the simplest things are the best things but they don't come out of human opinions and attitudes. We often have to saddle up against those. The voice of wisdom is telling us what's right, but we have to follow the intuition, the still, small voice.

When I was in high school a fellow student was injured in a football game. He suffered a broken ankle. He was treated and then sent to bed. There was a metal device which propped the blankets up over his foot to keep the pressure off of his ankle. We weren't close friends so I wasn't expected to visit him. But something, an intuition, a silent voice told me to pay him a call.

When I entered his room I found him in a lot of pain. He quickly asked me to fix the devise around his foot, it had fallen and there was pressure on his injured foot. I pulled open the covers and took the device off of his foot. I found that it hadn't been opened properly. I fixed it and put it back. He was very thankful. Going to see him when no one else was, was a small step for me but a big one for him.

Sometimes the things we do may not seem so wise at the time, they may be just ordinary actions. But the realization of the wisdom will come later.

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