Monday, December 24, 2012

'Twas the night before


(Burlington VT) Late shoppers reported seeing a strange light in the sky over the Saint Albans Mall. The FBI was contacted and an investigation was launched. Major Ferrett of the US Air Force was quoted as saying there was no Air Force activity in the area that might account for it. But a Professor of Astronomy at the University of Vermont said it was probably either a meteor or the aurora borealis, which is sometimes seen that far south.


(Springfield. MA) Police responded to a report of a strange aircraft gliding soundlessly over this central Massachusetts community. Observers described it a a long thin object in two parts. The longer front part seemed to be vibrating. Max Gudrun, a local resident, said he thought it was definitely some alien space craft and should be shot down. No action was taken.


(New York City) Panic ensued on the streets of NYC when a large flying object was seen circling the Empire State Building. It was feared an attack might happen to the building similar to what had occurred at the World Trade Center. The Mayor alerted the police and fire departments of the city, but after a while the space craft moved on toward the south and posed no threat. There was still a great deal of panic on the streets, however, and the Mayor alerted the Dept of Defense.

(Trenton, NJ) A dispatch from the Governor's office notes that the Dept of Defense has advised the Governor to prepare for a possible UFO sighting, that a flying machine of unknown origin may be headed for New Jersey.


On another matter of this strange night, motorists reported a stampede of horses on the New Jersey Turnpike. According to the driver of one vehicle at the scene horses were pulling a wagon that had evidently lost its wheels. Sparks were flying from both sides of the wagon as it was pulled at great speed down the road. Traffic was backed up for about a half a mile when the strange team of horses and wagon disappeared. Someone said it took off and started to fly but that was discounted by others who said the horses probably just left the road and galloped onto a meadow. A bystander, Chuck Langley, claimed from his observation and experience that they were definitely not horses as he could see from the antlers. "I know a moose when I see one" he said. "Them was mooses."


(Bristol, PA) Police responded to a 911 call from a man, who didn't wish to give his name, about seeing a creature that looked like a Sasquatch covered in some red cloth on the roof of a neighbor's house trying to gain entry through the chimney. By the time the police arrived the Sasquatch was nowhere to be seen.


(Philadelphia, PA) Victor Sanchez of Philadelphia reported to the news that after retiring for the night he was awakened by some odd noises. Going to investigate he found some strange, brightly wrapped packages under his tree. The police were called who brought their bomb sniffing dog. Nothing unusual was found. Mr. Sanchez said he was going back to bed and would open them in the morning.


(Wheeling, WV) Residents report seeing a strange ......


"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night."


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Geo. said...

Them weren't mooses, DB. Them was Santy! Delightful post. You've eased my annual pre-Christmas jumps.