Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year

My New Year's Resolutions.

I will be grateful for all the blessings I received last year.

I will give my blessings to all my false, lost, former and current friendships.

I will carefully watch my thoughts and actions so I won't make the same mistakes I made last year.

I will try to love more.


Dana Bate

Vagabond Journeys

Never give up.


Geo. said...

Sounds like a PLAN, DB.! Best wishes and happy new year.

Jon said...

Those are great resolutions. They come from the heart and I know you'll keep them.
Happy New Year, Dana!

Lisa said...

They are truly words to live by and much deeper resolutions than most. I don't make them as I never keep them but I have thought about trying to be a little more patient.
Happy 2013!