Sunday, January 20, 2013


Where's the news?


Hello Jen


I am not a compassionless man. I care very deeply about a lot of things. And I believe in the freedom of the press. Is it therefor a flaw in my character that I don't care to watch some athlete confess to using drugs to win races. Athletes have been doping up for a long time. They are still doing it.

And I don't care about the so-called death of some other athlete's phantom girl friend. I don't care who the father was of Michael Jackson's children. I don't care to listen to the NRA's juvenile propaganda. I'm tired of reading about the adolescent wrangling among the members of Congress. I don't care where or when President Obama is inaugurated, just so long as he is. And I don't care what movie star won't talk to another one or why.

What I mean is this. One group of people were taken hostage by another group of people in Mali and some of those people died. It was just one tick on the time line of extreme danger for the world. The danger is not going away by bombs, guns raids and arrasts. It's not going away because the reasons for it are embedded in the hearts and minds of a large group of very angry people. The entire world, all legitimate governments, and the free press of every nation should be focused on this problem and looking for a solution

No, first we have to wade with rubber boots through all the scandalous mud pits of the world before we get to the battle fields. In my youth I remember when on the front page of the daily paper there was a map showing the positions of the Americans and the North Koreans during the Korean war. We were bottled off into a small area until the invasion happened and we gradually gained ground. It was news, big news, and everyone followed those maps. How many people today even know where Mali is? Exactly, not somewhere in Africa? Does your congressman know? Do you know?

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Jon said...

Bravo! I share these thoughts completely. The news media is forever focused on trivialities, while sweeping important things under the rug.

Geo. said...

DB., I too muddle through the minute to minute overcommunications that pass for news now and confess myself baffled. Fortunately I come from a century that taught me what to look for, and I can rely on some few others, like you, to help. Thanks.