Thursday, April 25, 2013


A Spectacle of Life Living


Hello Barbara


The tiny white beast flutters from bush to bush too fast for any predator to catch her.

The gray cat watches with fascination from his perch on the railing of the porch..

I watch them both from my chair.. And I wonder. I wonder what makes the little white creature scurry so fast through the bushes. What is she looking for? I wonder at the gray creature's unmoving focus and curiosity about the little white one. What does the gray beast think of the white one. And I wonder how I fit in to this scene. I want to read metaphors.

Maybe I don't see metaphors. Maybe what I see is archetypes, lessons from the daylight, symbols of life living itself. Am I a little white creature dashing around to find my subject? Am I a stolid gray furry creature staring with curiosity into the world around me? Am I an arrow zinging through space to find a target? Am I a rumbling tank, slow to move but focused? Am I a laconic phrase? Am I a mystical epic? Am I a spark of thoughtt dashing through space? Am I the rolling of worlds?

I watch the little winged creature and the bewhiskered spectator with wonder and delight.


Dana Bate

Vagabond Journeys

No. 1,992

Never Give Up


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Geo. said...

Situational poetry in its most kinetic, enjoyable form. Nicely done, DB!