Thursday, April 4, 2013

it's not easy

April 4, 2013

The simpler the truth the longer it takes to arrive at it.

(Constantine Stanislavski)


Hello Bruce


When someone asked me about acting I would sometimes say "Acting is simple, but it's not easy." I suppose that's a remark that could be made about many human endeavors. In many cases what makes it simple is also what makes it difficult. Why is that?

Think about learning to drive a car or any such task. The automobile is a very complicated piece of machinery. The average driver knows little or nothing about the inner complications of the vehicle. But he must learn what the tools of the driver are and how to use them safely and successfully. After much trial and error the experienced driver can hop in, start the car, release the brake and pull out on to the road without much thought. It's simple, but how difficult it was to get to that simplicity.

After years of study, guessing, experimenting and calculating, a great,finally discovered scientific truth may be expressed in a very simple formula.

One wonders why, if it's so simple, it wasn't obvious to the viewer, why was it hidden from sight? It's the mental mountain top experience, I think. When you reach the summit the view is clear and you know where you are. It's simple, but it sure wasn't easy to get there.

The violin student struggles over fingering, bowing, scales, exercises and intonation, trying to make music. It may take years of dedicated study but one day the mysteries of the violin reveal themselves and from then on he can play anything he wants to,

The beginning actor has similar struggles with voice, movement, actions, dynamics, objectives, learning to keep himself under control and faithfully represent the authors work. Along the way he may hear a lot of nonsense from directors, critics nd even other beginning actors. But one day it comes clear, he's reached the mountain top and can go comfortably out on the stage being not only entertaining but believable. Then he will say "Acting is simple, but it's not easy."


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