Sunday, April 7, 2013


April 7, 2013

I wish to be always at the point of discovering.

(Dana Bate)


Hello Ken


An honest philosopher will not tell you the truth, but he will tell you how he searches for it, and in the process he may uncover a lot of lies and tell you about those. The fact is we squeeze truth out of ourselves by the lives we live and by the yeses and nos we are wiling to admit into consciousness.

To apply for the job of philosopher takes two huge requirements. First of all one must be able the see, hear or read without interpreting, but with a clear understanding of what the event is, whether it's the recipe for meatloaf, the account of a baseball game, or a Psalm of David.

"God sent hurricane Sandy to punish us for our sins." To make a statement like that opens a door on a jungle of interpretations. What does the word God mean? What is sin? Who is this God that punishes, even what does sending mean? A philosopher would never make such a statement. It's much too complicated.

The other requirement is to question all authority. "Most of the authorities in the world aren't." it says in my Jottings Blog and look at how many so-called authorities stand up to proclaim the true facts of one matter or another. Even the authoritative theories of science get dumped out now and then in favor of a better one..By-passing all the authorities and finding his own road through the invisible universe of wisdom is the true philosophers job and joy.

I'm not a philosopher but I enthusiastically read them. I enjoy the ride.


Dana Bate

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