Monday, April 1, 2013

No Fooling

We should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.

Friedrich Nietzsche


Hello Diane


Well, it's April Fools Day. Yes it is. And of the most sacred rituals of being the April Fool is the act of unconscious rebellion. Why bother to do things right, as you are supposed to, as all your friends and neighbors do them, when with a little mindless imagination you can make a mess of things and perhaps win a blue ribbon for foolishness?

May I suggest the following evvents to ensure a day of glee and folly.

Spoon the oats into the coffee maker and put the coffee grounds in a bowl with milk and sugar.

When you crack the eggs, drop the yokes in the sink and put the shells in the mixing bowl.

Feed the timer and wind up the cat.

Wash your shoes and polish you socks.

Drive the dog to school and take the kids to the vet.

Throw out the groceries and carefully put the garbage away in the selves and fridge.

Water the driveway and sweep the lawn.

Fuel up the tires and put some air in the tank.

Put the newspaper in the washing machine a read your dishes.

Wash your teeth and brush your face.

Turn on all the lights and go to bed.


DB - Vagabond Journeys

Never Give Up


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Geo. said...

In a world that too often makes war instead of love, can your list of absurdities be far behind? As a cultural elder, you'd be remiss if you did not list them. Good post DB.!