Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Grasping Guidance 12/17/-9

It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

Ursula Le Quin

So what if the trip is filled with troubles? So what if my journey takes me up to my chin in swamps, picking my way through nests of vipers, up against high cliffs that must be scaled, over blazing hot, shifting, desert dunes, through disappointments, depressions, sorrows and a sense of failure? There's no turning back. I might as well go on.

What, after all, are joy and happiness? Joy comes and goes like the weather. It is a fleeting thing. Happiness is something to be made, with trial and error, adjustments to life's changes, cold, hard, sensible thinking and taking advantage of opportunities and the rare and illusive moments of good luck.

Today I took a leisurely stroll through the freezing rain. A wise one once said that old age is a privilege denied to many.

Throw snow balls at me.

What? There's no snow where you are? Okay then, throw love.

Vagabond Journeys


Linda's World said...

Thowing both your way! Linda in freezing Washington state

Beth said...

Ha ha! I'm with Linda--we've got both here, and they're comin' at you!

Hugs, Beth

DB said...

From Tiger Lilly

Here's a ball of love, Lil

Big Mark 243 said...

I have told myself that it isn't the destination at the end of the road that should be the goal, but the goal should be the road ...

a corgi said...

throwing some love your way DB; and amazingly sometimes there is joy and happiness even in times of suffering and pain


Breezy said...

Ok you quote king.. what is that quote/ or little story about traveling on a bumpy road, verses a smooth one?? Something inspirational, but I can't think of it now.. but of course it talks how the bumpy road is better!! Now that is going to bother me until I find it.