Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Striking Surprises 12/02/08

The artist's vocation is to shed light into the human heart.

George Sand

First of all here's some newsy updates. My stove and oven are back on. I have a new can opener so I could enjoy my beans and tuna for thanksgiving. The heat is on, but it's rather pathetic. I borrowed a space heater from someone. I have to return it so I'm thinking of getting one for myself. I have a monitor that works very well. I have a Marie Antoinette Award and a second NeoCounter. They are both buried way down at the bottom of my journal entries and on the wrong side. I was told I could click and drag them but that is not happening, Any advice?

I asked if anyone knew the author of yesterdays quote and someone did.

the shore
the ship's cat

- Raymond Roseliep

(Thank you George)

If you are not one who reads my stories you can skip this part. A full day of battle on the field at Agincourt has brought the result that all of my stories are now in a blog called Vagabond Tales, Oddly, someone else also has that title but has not posted an entry in 3 years. The best way to find me is to go to my extended profile and click on Vagabond Tales. All the Brian stories are there and The Lodge. Part One of the long story, The Long Walk, is there from beginning to end (with no cliff hangers). And all the entries of Part Two, Buffalo Gap, are there in reverse order the way they appeared in Vagabond Journeys. Don't worry about the numbering, It got all messed up, I'll fix it. I will soon have Vagabond Journeys unencumbered from Brian and Christine who will then reside solely on Vagabond Tales. The next entry of the tale will be tomorrow.

I started this journal, Vagabond Journeys, a little under a year ago. All I did was to put quotes from the famous and not so famous, brief slivers of light I thought would be helpful to people. Daily Dollops, I called them. I had some email friends reading me but no one read my journal until the amazing Linda in Washington State came upon it one day and started telling people, Then I had some readers and some other journals to read. So I started writing brief essays about the quotes I was using. From there I began sending News From The Burb every now and then, bits of information about the silly things that were happening in my neighborhood. That reached it highest level with the serial story of Blackie the town python. After that I started writing fictional short stories about Brian Sims. Now I'm writing a long one. All of them were an attempt to shed some "light into the human heart."

What's next?


DB - The Vagabond


Linda's World said...

Sounds like you're all geared up again for cooking, etc. As far as your mis-placed gadgets...the only instructions I know are to click on them and drag them over to the right wherever you want them. They're supposedly very easy to move (or so they say). LOL !!!
Linda in Washington state

Big Mark 243 said...

Yeah, it sounds like you are feeling better about things. Sorta confused me about the names though. Make sure you send me a link or something, so I can read about Brian!

Arlene (AJ) said...

Glad to hear your stove/oven are back on and you have a new can opener also to enjoy your canned goodies. Sounds like you can use a space heater your way with your heat not dishing out enough. I know I so much enjoy reading all your words you have in your blog, makes us all stop and think after reading them. You certainly have a wonderful way of expressing your thoughts/words, you keep me spellbound. Keep safe and warm your way, have a nice day.

Searching for Peace said...

I am glad to hear your stove is back on. I am very happy that you are feeling better. Hugs, Christine

Beth said...

Your stove is fixed. And there was much rejoicing! Yay, I'm so glad! I'm almost caught up with Brian and Christy (off to the new site now), and I did read about your broken can opener...I think the gods of irony are picking on you, D. ;)

I'm glad to be back and reading again!

Hugs, Beth

Lori said...

I'm glad you're "cooking with gas" now. lol

a corgi said...

glad you are somewhat back to normal with a working stove/oven and a new can opener! now if only the heat would cooperate more for you

this was neat to read how you started writing this journal DB and where your ideas come from; I am thankful Linda directed me to your writings :)


Joyce said...

So glad to hear you are among the chefs once again. I could live without my stove but not my microwave and not my can opener.
Hugs, Joyce

Leigh said...

Whatever you choose to be...next. I'll be there to read!

:) Leigh