Friday, March 13, 2009

Defining Device 3/13/09

The highest possible stage in moral culture is when we recognize that we ought to control our thoughts.

Charles Darwin
Happy day to you.
First let me thank everyone who sent me those beautiful birthday greetings. I will get to responding to each one of them individually, because I'm very appreciative.
70 years old? Nonsense! I don't believe it. I must have made it up.
So here we have the great secret, the hidden wisdom, the philosopher's stone, the oracle of wisdom, the arcane knowledge and esoteric truth, the end of all searching, the mother liquor, the universal panacea, the missing link, the holy grail, the chicken soup.

Everything depends on how we think.

In my huge stack of quotations I have one from someone who says "Think before you think." I'll find it and post it one of these days. No doubt you've heard the old saying "You always get what you want, so be very careful about what you want."

The amazing thing is that our thoughts do so mysteriously affect our lives in ways that seem impossible to understand merely because we don't really understand ourselves that well. Now there is nothing mere about understanding oneself. It requires disclipline, effort, patience and facing up to some uglies and facing them down.

Life should come with a warning label: WARNING - Every good thought you have has a negative counterpart which will enter in and try to steal away the good one. Bad, evil, depressing, fearful, hateful, sickening, angry, morbid thoughts are empty things that want to be filled, black holes that draw light into them, worthless travelers that need a place to live, hungry parasites that want to occupy and busy themselves in your mind. And the worst thing about them is that they are very good at masquerading as your own thoughts.

They will create a problem for you and then convince you that you can't solve it. Why do they do that? Because they're nasty. They will persuade you to do something rotten and convince you that you've a right to do it. They will cause you to be negative, pessimistic and depressed and then give you a big bouquet of reasons why you should be.

These are the gremlins of negativity and the only power they have is the power we give them. They will even try to convince us that we don't have any power over them.

Well, forget it. We all have the right to think what we want to think and reap the results. I want my life to be like a sundial, recording the bright hours, Which has more power and permanence? The sun or the clouds?

But what about my feelings? Inexperienced actors will strain, fumble and do some strange and useless things trying to make themselves feel something. A master actor knows that emotions come from images of the mind; thoughts.

Examine thoughts. Accept the ones you want and throw the others out with the trash. "I set before you blessing and cursing" Moses said. Choose wisely.

DB - The Vagabond
May angels dance on your head today.


Rose said...

Thank you, I hope Angels will dance on my head today!


Beth said...

Very true. I have a tendency to be a worrier--I think it runs in my Mom's side of the family. I've learned to do my best to not dwell on the "what ifs," because it's very negative energy, and usually ends up not coming true, anyway.

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I may go into contemplation mode for a while, but within a day or two, I decide on how I will deal, and then that is that. No worries :o)

Anonymous said...

And may I remind you all that angels do not have wings. After all why would a spirit immune to the earth's gravity need wings. So I guess what I felt on my head was not a parasite infestation, but an angel doing an Irish jig. Thanks DB.