Saturday, March 14, 2009

Entertaining Enterprise 3/14/09

I never did a day's work in my life. It was all fun.

Thomas Edison
Don't stand there. Come on in.
I was talking with a young actor years ago who said that he loved performing but that he hated auditions. I told him that if he wanted to be an actor he had to learn to love all aspects of it: having his picture taken, making up a resume, mailing it out, cold calling, interviews, auditions, memorizing lines, rehearsing, performing. And I told him the following story.

I had an audition one day for a role I eventually got. At the audition there was a reader. Union theatres will provide a reader to help with an audition by reading the other role or roles in a scene. The reader was a young actress. She was sitting to the side. After meeting all the people auditioning me, I took my seat up front where they could see me clearly. The director said to turn to a certain page in the script. As we were doing that the script accidentally slipped out of the reader's hand and fell on the floor. So I threw mine on the floor. Everyone got a chuckle. We picked up our scripts and read the scene. After I read a few more scenes they thanked me, I thanked them, thanked the reader and left.

It was a bright, beautiful winter morning and I felt like walking. So I turned down the avenue and started to stroll along. As I did I said to myself "I really liked what I did in that audition. I was good. I don't care whether I get this job or not, I just had a great time. I enjoyed myself."

Well, as I said, I did get the job, but more than that I learned a great lesson. From that moment on I knew what it was about. I don't go to an audition to get a job. I go to put on my show. To do some acting. To entertain people. Because that's what I do.
And my career picked up after that. I looked forward to auditions because they gave me a chance to please people and to please myself. "It was all fun."

Give yourself some day dream time today.


Linda's World said...

Good entry DB. I love reading about your time in the theater. I've been to several live plays and always wondered what it would be like to be involved in any way in live theater. When I get up (still haven't gone to bed Friday night) I'm going to day dream about my house getting straightened up. Linda in WA

Ally Lifewithally said...

I did enjoy reading about your aspect on auditions ~ what a lovely way to look at work as being all fun ~ Ally x

Gerry said...

When I was trying to get my plays produced I spent years having readings. I just loved the people who would come and act like they were just going to have a good time. I gauged people and still do by how readily they threw themselves into a reading. Now I try to get people to act in front of the camera. There was a while there when I used to take a karaoke machine and a TV and all my karaoke CDs everywhere so we could have a session. Members of my family finally realized that they were only going to make me happy if they did their song with gusto. So I get what you are saying, do I ever!

Trees said...

I liked your entry DB. Your way of looking at work is wonderful, having fun and loving what you do is very rewarding, all to frequently these days people look at their jobs as earning money and getting it done as fast as they can. My son did some plays that I went to see, always enjoyed that.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Enjoying what you do, has there ever been simpler and more profound advice?

Beth said...

You're an entertainer. That's what you enjoy, and you're very good at it. :)

Love, Beth