Monday, March 30, 2009

Universal Urge 3/30/09

It is only those who have a deep and real inner life who are best able to deal with the irritating details of outer life.

Evelyn Underhill
Read on my friend.
An artist is an artist because he has to be. Science tells us what the facts of life are. Art tells us what they mean. It is the forever, infinite search for those meanings that propel an artist into places that few people know about. It is a window and a door to the invisible truth of our existence. It is an exploration into a cave of an imagination that becomes a reality to anyone awake enough to realize it.

An artist knows what the painting looks like and keeps painting until it looks like that. The composer Hindemith once wrote that he hears the entire composition in his head in a flash, like a bolt of lightening lighting up a landscape, and then he sits with a pen carefully putting musical notes on a page until the score says what the flash of inspiration showed him.

I know the ending of my Brian and Christine story and every day I make inches toward it. I had to stop to do my taxes, but when they were done I was able to pick up writing just where I left off, because the story and the writing of it were the more important things in my head. I don't ask if it is important to the world. It was given to me in a flash. It has to be written.

What that means is that the real deep inner life of someone such as an artist takes the place of the mundane, petty tasks of the day and thus renders them easier to do.

The uncomfortable road some people find themselves on is one where life is defined by those simple tasks. When the deeds are done, then what? If there is no other life going on those people will start looking around for other simple tasks until life is filled up with them, tiredness easily sets in because there is no excitement in doing them and the person has become robbed of the chance to really explore something deeper and more important, some flash of inspiration that reflects off a distant planet from the universal mind into the only mind on earth capable of receiving it.

One doesn't have to be an artist to have "a deep and real inner life." There are deep, intellectual, philosophical, spiritual, technological, natural, scientific roads to travel . There are inventions and discoveries to be made everywhere. The early steps of the journey are to admit that the unseen and unknown are there waiting for you, that you have the right to the discoveries along the way and that pursuing is the joy and not proving anything to the world.

We all live on the crusts of the most sublime wisdom and there is no more exciting place to be,

Vagabond Journeys
May your light shine bright today.


Arlene (AJ) said...

agree with your thoughts 100%. You keep me spellbound with the Brian and Christy storyline, when I get to the bottom and it says to be continued, all I can think is, let them have a joyous outcome. Hope you have a great day your way DB.

René said...

A great philosopher you are DB. You could have taught me plenty while I went to college. I came out with a "C" on that subject.

Wes said...

You make some very good points and I agree with you on many things.

I hope you have a great day!


Beth said...

I'm happy that I have a scientific mind. It's what makes me tick. But sometimes I wish I had more of an artistic bent. A good friend once told me that maybe writing is my creative outlet. I don't know...maybe!

Of course, I think there's a difference between being creative and being able to appreciate art. Even if I can't paint, I can still enjoy looking at a painting.

Hugs, Beth

Cathy said...

I do certainly agree. The creative urge is the legacy of our pre-modern ancestors who not only painted their everyday lives on caves walls, but "signed" them by placing their hand against the stone and blowing coal over it - viola! a signature. Did you know Picasso signed every one of his creations INCLUDING the ones he burned? This tells us something you hit on, doesn't it. And what a jolt seeing Paul Hindemith's name, I didn't think many people even heard of him! A true original. LvB had the same experience with "hearing" the symphony complete in his head as he walked through the German forest, pleasuring in the sounds he heard and passed on to us. Do you think artists with a more outstanding ability, such as these men, had/have a responsibility of sorts to share it with others, to release it? Certainly to nourish it. Mozart would've been totally happy being left alone, he said. But his gift demanded release, I'd say. Something there is in the human soul which makes true artists of us all. IMHO.

Sue said...

Christine and Brian are important to MY world. My world has been rough lately, your writing can be the high point in my day. Thanks