Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Virtuous Versatility 3/31/09

Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too.

Welcome. I salute you.
It seems one of the experiences in this rough and tumble human life that can get people genuinely riled up is to come across someone who disagrees with them. I know very well the trouble with disagreement. I used to be one of those people who would go on the attack when I found myself having to confront the stupid, ignorant, non-thinking, intellectually challenged morons of the world, in other words, those who disagreed with me. Since I was clearly right on the issue and knew it, it was inconceivable to me that the other guy couldn't see it once I had explained it. There was nothing to be done except to shout the idiot down and make him shut his stupid face.

What a wallop to my conscience to find out that sometimes the other guy was right, or at least nearer to right than I was.

The human mind, it goes without saying, is a very complicated thing. It's something like a three dimensional mosaic with a vast number of tiles. There are facts, opinions, observations, memories, ideas, fantasies, doubts, realizations, beliefs, fears, views, hopes, failures, conclusions, habits, dreams, experiences, cares, favorites, judgments, synchronizations, jokes. idols, relationships, integrations, wonders, recipes, regrets, challenges, loves, lessons, losses, quotes, successes, rumors, formulas, superstitions, songs, ideals, etc. Some of the tiles are bigger than others and some are more colorful (usually the fantasy tiles). That's a lot of mosaic to bring to focus on any decision. And the tiles are arranged in a specific order endemic to the individual. The next guy has the same number of tiles but they are arranged differently. It's a wonder two people can agree with each other on anything.

But they do. "The mightiest space in fortune nature brings to join like likes" Shakespeare says. Two or more tiles match up and you've got a consensus. But then again sometimes they disagree. The tiles don't match up. Then what? You can't rearrange someone else's mosaic and, in fact, you have no right to.

Hold on to your own mighty intellectual space and let the other fellow have his. But always be prepared to redesign your own mosaic should you get more wisdom.

Okay Spring, now grow up and act your age.


Linda's World said...

Very good post DB. I get really aggravated with those who shout the other person down and call them stupid, especially when discussing things as touchy as religion and politics. Sometimes we have to agree to disagree in this world. Spring~what's spring? The only hope I have is that my daffodils continue to bloom. Linda here in 44* Washington

Linda S. Socha said...
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Linda S. Socha said...

GREAT post. Well said and on target. I like the way you write! I may save this one for my office reading material with your ok

Cathy said...

Such a timely entry, I return your salute. In my orbit I have a friend who continually works for "equality and justice for all mankind" yet when he sees someone online he doesn't think is his intellectual equal, it's "Oh there's that moron fool again". Yet I can't get him to see how speaking like that, making someone UNequal by so-called right of I.Q. is a fool's mission! We're all alike, only human, always fallible, and you put it in a very clear perspective.

Anonymous said...

I learned some time ago that one cannot argue with someone who lacks logic, ergo I acquiesce and keep quiet. Good post DB.

Beth said...

Haha...what's that saying about how the world would be a better place if everyone thought the same as me?

I'm really not one to debate anymore. I'll discuss with certain people, but trying to convince someone to my point of view? It can be next to impossible, and sometimes it's a waste of time and effort to try.

Great entry.

Love, Beth