Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Survey

Okay. You're all going to hate me. I admit it. I fooled you. I tricked you. I pulled the famous old magicians tactic, diverted your attention away from the trick, pulled the wool over your eyes and fooled you. Please don't be too mad at me.

This was an exercise in observation, disguised as a survey. First I gave you a set up.

"There is a big birthday party for Janice and her friends and family."

Then I gave you a cast of characters.

"A lot of people have come to it. The list includes Alice, Bob, Cathy and Charlie, Donna, Eugene, George and Janet, Lucinda, Mark, Nancy, Olivia, Rose, Ruth and Sam, Terry and good old Will."

Then I gave you a list of options which I will ignore because they're not important. Then I gave you some instructions.

"Your assignment is to decide, in your opinion, which package Janet should open up first. Please leave the number of your choice on my email"

Only one person answered this correctly. To John Knox, of the Blogspot Tigers, goes the grand prize of a genuine Tupperware magicians wand and the robe to match. Here's his answer.

Hi, DB,

Janet should not open any of the presents. It is Janice's birthday, as you stated at the top of the Weekend Survey. You also stated that Janet is one of the guests at the party (when you listed her in the guest list). Therefore, Janet won't be opening any of Janice's gifts!

Thanks for an interesting exercise.

Take care,

John Knox


Linda S. Socha said...

Well rats. I missed the survey! Alas...too much work...Send smoke signals up for me for increased efficiency!

Joann said...

I missed the survey, but went to read it BEFORE I read your more recent post with the answer. I would have NEVER caught that!! Good Job, John!! LOL!!

pacifica62 said...

You are a sly fox there db. Good one.

krissy knox said...

Congrats to John!

And that was a very good one, DB!

krissy :)