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(This is not a contest.)

At what event of the past do you wish you could be present? Why?

What immediately comes to mind is the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of England.
I was probably only about 6 or 7 when this happened on June 2, 1953. I remember hearing about it, I remember seeing pictures in magazines and the cover of Life Magazine. It was talked about for months. This is the stuff that fairy tales are made of for a young girl in the 1950’s. We did not have a TV then so had to rely on pictures and radio news. The pomp, the pageantry, the crown jewels, the oaths and rituals, the royals with all their crowns and tiaras and coronation finery. The church, the music, the thousands of people in attendance, the procession with the gold coach. Elizabeth was about to become MY Queen. It still takes my breath away.
Autumn Answer: I would like to be present for the first public reading given by Jane Austen.
1 My answer (Krissy's) is seeing my Grandparents, the Majorossy's, viewing the Statue of Liberty as they came to Ellis Island from Hungary. They must have thought about the good fortune they would have in America as opposed to Hungary. I wish I could have been present bc I would have liked to feel their excitement and know what they were thinking about -- know their hopes and dreams. I am glad they did make the journey, as I feel I am in the best country in the world today!
2 John's answer is seeing one of the original Shakespeare plays being performed at the Globe Theatre, because he finds Shakespeare spectacular.
.Q. At what event of the past do you wish you could be present?
A. The Big Bang.
Q. Why?
A. Who would not like to play God when Time creates the stage?
I don't know if I could pick just one event to be present for because so many important events are only important afterward. For example, the birth of Christ was probably just like the birth of every other baby (that's not quite the bible's version, but I'm certain it was) so for "fun" factor only, I'd have to say my parent's wedding. :) According to all the stories, it was a pretty good time.

The event I would want to be present at in history would be when Congress voted for us to not be part of The League of Nations.
I would want to go to that event because that was probably one of the things that caused us to end up on WWII. If we had been part of the LON, we could've made it so that the Treaty of Versailles was not as harsh on the Germans and they would've been less likely to go to war with everyone our is resentment for having nearly everything taken away from them. I'm learning a lot about this in history class right now which is why I'm so interested in it.
Because of the feeling.
Given my current interest in politics, I would have liked to have been present at the meetings that produced the U.S. Constitution. I know it wasn't a one-time event, but was the product of much discussion over time. I would love to have heard the discussions that went on, with people like Jefferson, Madison, and Franklin pounding out the details of what would become the law of our land. Amazing!

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Arlene (AJ) said...

My husband never understood my thoughts that I wish I'd gone to Woodstock, but I look back and always feel that it would have been one exciting time in my life and the start of a new era of many life changes. Recently watched the Woodstock Special on tv and thought yea wished I'd gone.