Sunday, December 12, 2010

There Is Something More

I would put myself in the way of revelation.

Bate - The Vagabond
Years ago I knew a lay preacher at a large Baptist church in Harlem. She wasn't clergy but she was a good woman, very devout and dedicated. She would often preach to the congregation of that church which she said had some members who had come through terrible times of poverty and drug addiction. Even though I was not a member of her church or even a church goer myself, and she knew it, she seemed to think I had positive advice to offer her and so she would discuss her sermons with me

One day she went through a list of Bible references and concluded that if you are a believing Christian then the answer to all of life's problems is faith. Well, that answer wasn't good enough for me, so I asked her if that was all there was to it. What else could there be? She went back into her references and said that she guessed love for God and man was part of it. "What else?" I asked. Then she came across things like honesty, compassion, obedience and so forth, and she finally said "You know what? You're right. There is always something more."

I had a conversation with a friend's 14 year old daughter who said her favorite thing to study in school was science. I asked her if she preferred lab science or field science and she said she wanted to do them both. It must be a very interesting and rewarding life to be a research scientist, not someone who mixes the same old formulas over and over again, but someone who is always in the process of discovery.

One of the great pleasures in my retirement is reading. I read all the time, books, magazines, newspapers. It's slow going because I have to use a magnifying glass, but I don't care. If I get my eyesight back I think I would read just as methodically as I do now because I don't want any ideas to pass me by. There are old forgotten ideas to rediscover, new discoveries, discoveries hidden in familiar material that I missed before, there are even discoveries within discoveries. Some discoveries are surprising and some are awesome.

My black lady preacher friend also said that even if we don't know they are there they remain to be revealed. One of the greet discoveries of all is that behind each new idea, even behind the process of discovery itself is something which has to be experienced to be understood. Even the most sublime idea is merely a sign post, a trail marker pointing us toward revelation, toward the awakened land of enlightenment. That I will find that road and stay on it is where my faith is.

Bate - The Vagabond


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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sometimes the best trail to take is the one that is not marked. Discovery is a wonder beyond measure.

Rose said...

Discovery is such a treasure.

I used to love to read......alot more than I do now. My eyes get tired after an hour or so. Therefore, I read less these days.


That corgi :) said...

that answer (faith) would have been enough for me

but then perhaps I'm a bit off, because when nothing else makes sense, faith makes sense

and I will continue to trust in Jesus because without him what else do I have?

who else doesn't abandon you or forsake you? Who else answers your prayers? Who else does the impossible (and I have seen the impossible happen) other than Jesus

there is nothing more. There is "just" Jesus and that is more than enough for me

and maybe it will be more than enough for you one day DB, or maybe not, but that is between you and him