Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Contest Results


You were to give me a title or a lyric of a song and replace one of the worlds with the word "pumpkin." This was a popular contests it seems. Below is a list of the entries.

Pumpkin in the way she moves.
For he's a jolly good pumpkin
Bother can you spare a pumpkin
Midnight pumpkin to Georgia
The Pumpkin is a Tramp
Up on the Pumpkin
One Oclock Pumpkin
Always a Pumpkin there to remind me…
Pumpkins just want to have fun..
Pour some pumpkin on me..
How much is that pumpkin in the window…
Oh Holy Pumpkin
The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzpumpkin
We Wish You a merry Pumpkin, We Wish You a merry Pumpkin.
Pumpkins Keep Falling on my Head
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Pumpkin
Puff The Magic Pumpkin
What if The Pumpkin was one of us
Yeah, yeah, The Pumpkin is good...
Yeah, yeah, The Pumpkin is great...
The Pumpkin is watching us, The Pumpkin is watching us
Congratulations every one. After frightening deliberations the judge has awarded first prize of a solid aluminum plated pumpkin seed to Val of the Blogspot Tigers for "Pumpkins keep falling on my head" which actually got a chuckle out of the old fart.

Thank you all


Valerie said...

One of these days, I expect my prizes to come to my door. LOL I had fun with this one. I actually giggled with the pumpkins falling on my head alot yesterday, too, Dana. Hugs! xox

mrs. miss alaineus said...

wreck of the edmund fitzpumpkin- classic!