Thursday, August 9, 2012

Do What I Say

The daisies can't tell the roses to stop blooming.

Lindsay Nelson
Hello Jon
"Watchman. tell us of the night."
Am I the only one awake at night?
"De gustibus non diputandum est." So goes the old worn out Latin statement. Basically translated it means "In matters of taste there is no argument." Some people incorrectly think it means you either have taste or you don't and if you don't there is no talking to you. But what it really means is that you like nuts in your ice cream and I do not like nuts in my ice cream and we are both right.

One of the sillies and most ignorant prejudices I've come across in my life is that everyone should be in bed asleep after midnight, anything else is unnatural and probably immoral.

I worked for several years at a 24 hour classical music station in New York. My program went from Midnight to 6 A. M. My boss, a man of lesser intelligence, I'm quite sure never went to bed after Midnight and never woke up before 6. Hence he never heard my program, never heard me and didn't know how good I was. All he knew was that nobody should be working all night and no one would be up listening. As a result he turned the program into a dumping ground for a lot of unnecessary news thus destroying it for me and for my listeners. So I quit and got on with my life. That station went off the air a few years later.

People who tell other people what to think, how to behave and how to live are barnacles on socidety. They are the ones who never dare to live, who can't or won't see beyond their own prejudices. My boss was right about going to bed before midnight. But he was not right in expecting the rest of the world to do the same.

Sometimes that sophomoric attempt to control another person's life is based on envy. I knew a woman who actually envied the people who were coming down with Aids because she believed they were living a kind of libertine life she thought was wrong and hence denied herself and then regretted it.

And what if some people are living a more exciting life than you are? You can't shoot them down justified by some draconian moral precept. You can't tell the roses not to bloom.

The worst cases of "disputandum" are found on the battle fields of religion. And there's a very good but sinister reason why that is so. If people wish to worship a Creator, an invisible, unknown, all powerful deity, which they certainly do the world over, why do they burn each other's books, tear down each other's idols, destroy each other's temples and kill each other? The answer is fear.

No one except the very few true saints that have existed in the history of the human race, from whatever religion they came, can be completely sure of the existence of God or if they are worshipping their God correctly. Hence the only way to make sure your dogma is correct is to destroy all the others., either through arguments or bombs That has been going on for centuries and is still a popular means of forcing your way of life on another.

You like nuts in your ice cream, I don't. We are both right. You worship with bread and wine, I don't. We are both right. You bow five times to Allah, I don't. We are both right. You celebrate a Day of Atonement, I don't. We are both right. You worship with incense, I don't. We are both right. You worship with incantations, I don't. We are both right. You believe in full submergence baptism, I don't. We are both right. If there is a God then divine intelligence must be able to accept any form of worship that is sincere and not exclusive.

I'm a daisy, you're a rose. So go ahead and bloom. I won't stop you. You have the right.

DB - Vagabond Journeys
Never Give Up


Jon said...

"Live and let live" sounds like such a wonderfully reasonable adage, but unfortunately it seems to be practiced less and less nowadays. There's always someone telling others what to do or what to believe or how to think. There's always someone infringing on our sacred privacy.

As for the after-midnight hours - - they are truly sacred to me. I've been a hardcore night owl as long as I can remember. Most of the nocturnal creatures that I've met are very special and fascinating.
For many years, I faithfully listened to the midnight 'till dawn classical music radio show on KFAC in Los Angeles. It provided some of my most treasured solitudinous hours.
Unfortunately, KFAC is no longer a classical music station - - in fact, it might not even be in existence now.

Dana, if I had lived in New York I have no doubt that I would have been listening to you on the radio.

Donna said...

I like this post. Wouldn't it be nice if we all lived that way?

Arlene (AJ) said...

What a great read DB as always.
Oh my, I'm a night later until 2 a.m every night, I find it's my time to relax, read and do things that I wasn't able to do during the hectic day. I sure don't own anyone a reason for staying up late and getting up early....if I depended on you to pay my bills, etc. to survive then you might have a say, otherwise stay out of my business, I don't get into yours and you've no right to question mine.

Ken Riches said...

All I requests is that others respect my life choices and I will do the same for them.