Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beinf Free

Plunge boldly into the beyond, then be free wherever you are.

Shoitsu Omatsu
Hello Margie
The first time you plunged into the beyond was the day you were born. You were at last free of the confinement of the womb. You didn't have much to work with except a loud cry and the ability to grow. But you made the appropriate adaptations and survived.

From that point on it should have been plunging into each beyond as you came upon it. But what happened? You began to let the limitations gather around you and you were obedient to them instead of to your own courage of convictions. But that's okay, it helped you to continue to survive.

Then you plunged in to the beyond of school where you found more limitations. But maybe you were a good enough student to actually learn some things. Some of those things will be useful to you on your next plunge. Most of them probably won't.

So then you plunge into the world of adult living and what you found there was a confusing jungle. But you soon hew out a place for yourself, rearrange a few pieces of furniture and settle into some sort of a career.

Then did you plunge into the beyond of marriage and raising a family? Then you have assumed a whole new set of limitations to contend with on a daily basis.

But the plunging isn't over. The kids grow up and leave home. Maybe they visit you now and then. You're a success. Life is easier.

But the ocean awaits, the wind is calling, the Autumn leaves remind you that life rotates, that the cycles of light and learning are still there and you are still in orbit. The womb of your life is not enough. Another birth is coming, another plunge. The beyond of meaning has opened up it's arms to you and you are ready. All limitations drop away when you boldly take that plunge. You begin to understand what it was all about and you are free., wherever you are.

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