Thursday, August 23, 2012

Your Song

You find your soul and your destiny by responding to the world's call to you. That's how you find yourself.

Thomas Moore
Hello Sue
Did you ever have the chance to open the lid of a grand piano and look inside? You probably have at least once in your life. What you saw was a sturdy metal frame and stretched across it from just behind the keyboard to the back of the piano a row of strings tightly drawn into a state of tension. Each of those strings, when plucked or struck, has a different tone. 88 different tones in fact. A finite number but enough to allow for some of the greatest music in the universe. When a great pianist sits down at the key board those strings rest in calm tension waiting to sing.

Imagine a piano with an infinite number of strings each one ready to sing, play, dance, write, paint, teach, settle disputes, build bridges, design buildings or cars, find new words, explore new worlds, discover cures, and so on, all of them in calm tension waiting for the touch of the master, life, the world, to make the call.

My friend Ernie once said that work defines your life. He's a painter and he knows. A senior in high school complained that he didn't know what he wanted to do with his life. I told him to wait, be patient, look around and wait in calm tension for the call to come. And it will come.

The call often comes in unexpected ways. It may be as simple as a finger striking a key and making your string vibrate. It may be a phone call or a letter. It may come as a strong intuition or equally strong desire. Sometimes it comes as the world grabbing us by the collar and throwing us into the middle of our lives. It came to me as the result of a dream.

Troubles some, questions arise, but as I am fond of saying "There's no use asking what you should do with your life. You're doing it." Sometimes what you are doing is a pathway leading you somewhere, or it's a walk in the dark forest with no path to guide you, or it's a trip down a super highway at breakneck speed. But the destination, your destiny, is inevitable if you keep going.

DB - Vagabond Journeys
Never Give Up

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Geo. said...

Wonderful metaphor, DB. I like the idea of a universal mechanism sounding us by whippen, springs, and felted hammers into our doings. I like the idea of harmony. Great post.